Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Trump/Pence 2016

Well, it's official. The candidate I would have preferred for President didn't win the Republican nomination, and our options for a Ted Cruz nomination have been exhausted. So now what?  As for me, I will support the current nominee, Donald J. Trump, with an eye on moving Ted Cruz forward to a 2020 candidacy if the Trump presidency doesn’t meet our expectations.

Allowing Hillary Clinton to win the Presidency is just not an option I am willing to accept. The thought of a Clinton presidency is too horrible to even contemplate, in my opinion. This country's survival is bigger than my own personal preferences.  While I think we could have done better with our nominee selection, I also believe that a Trump presidency will at least slow down the current tide of bad policy decisions and stem the rapid move towards socialism.

There has been a lot of pushback against Trump because of past decisions that he has made.  That is why I supported Cruz – because of his consistency.  But unfortunately, Cruz didn’t win the nomination.  If you recall history, even Ronald Reagan was an admirer of the Communist Party at one time, but he changed and became one of the greatest conservative Presidents this country has ever known. My hope is that Trump has also genuinely changed, and that his heart now beats as a true conservative.  Only time will tell.

Fellow Cruz Supporters:  Instead of letting our own selfish pride get in the way because our preferred candidate didn’t win, why don't we just pray for the Lord to shape Donald Trump's heart so that he will do the right thing for America?  Let’s move forward and back up our duly elected nominee to defeat Clinton in this election.  Opting for a third party candidate with only 100 or so days before the election would be a disaster.  We tried that here in Colorado with a Governor’s race six years ago, and ended up decisively handing over the Governor’s Mansion to one of the most progressive liberals that Colorado has ever seen.

We have a Supreme Court to worry about. The next President will likely replace three, possibly four of the currently serving justices.  A great deal of our rights and liberty hang in the balance. These Supreme Court Justice appointments will make decisions that affect generations to come.  We have Congressional and State elections that we should focus our energy on as well. We need to keep the House and Senate, regardless of who is elected as President.

So now, I guess maybe I'm trying to rationalize my decision here, but let’s look at this from a position of "trust" and "accountability." In my humble opinion, Hillary Clinton is, bar none the most corrupt and unethical presidential candidate this country has ever had.  At least with a Trump/Pence administration, we know that we can hold them accountable much more easily than we could a Hillary Clinton/”VP X” administration.  I firmly believe that Hillary Clinton does not have this country’s best interests at heart.  All of her efforts thus far have been aimed at obfuscating facts, and building a machine for keeping a progressive ideology in power forever.

Donald Trump is egotistical, a bit selfish, and somewhat narcissistic to be sure. But, I believe that he does not intend to harm our country and our liberties.  He is a wild and crazy capitalist, with sharp business skills, so at least we know his policies will help get America’s economy back on track.  I believe Mike Pence is an honest individual who would have the country's best interest at heart. By maintaining a strong House and even stronger Senate, I really believe that we can further put enough pressure on them to use their power to make Trump and Pence do the right thing. I do not think that either of these men hold malice towards the United States of America.  Hillary Clinton, not so much.

Hillary Clinton does not care what we think of her, nor does she care if we try to hold her accountable. She will laugh at the House and Senate, and certainly at us as she damages our country even more than the current president has. She will install Supreme Court Justices and cabinet members that will do her bidding. Freedom and liberty will breathe their last under a Hillary Clinton administration. I believe with all my heart that Hillary Clinton hates our freedom, our way of life, and lusts for power and control over the American People to an extent never before witnessed in this country. She has been corrupt and power-hungry all her life. She knows no other way.  She is, after all, a long-time fervent follower of the writings of Saul Alynski, Margaret Sanger, and Cloward/Piven.  All radicals, and none of whom cherished American ideals.

So why am I now supporting a Donald Trump and Mike Pence ticket?
**  Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glenn Doherty, the four men who died in Benghazi

**  CIA GRS operators “Tanto,” “Oz,” “Tig,” “Boon,” and the others who survived Benghazi, and saved Americans at the CIA complex, but at a terrible price.
**  Patricia Smith, the mother of Benghazi casualty Sean Smith. 

**  Charles Woods, father of Tyrone Woods, the former US Navy SEAL who died trying to save Americans in Benghazi. 

**  Anyone with a security clearance who plays by the rules daily and is held sternly accountable for their actions if they screw up with our national secrets.

**  All US Veterans, who will be further ignored and abandoned by a Clinton administration.

**  Our men and women of law enforcement, who will most certainly be kicked to the curb by a continued progressive presence in the White House.

**  The U.S. Constitution and the rule of law, both of which are currently on life support. 

**  Our Constitutional Rights – among them the Second Amendment and our freedom OF religion being most important to me.

**  The millions of men and women who have given up looking for work because of failed progressive economic policies.

**  Our friend and staunchest ally in the Middle East, Israel, who has suffered at the hands of failed foreign policy.

**  The many victims of ISIS and radical Islam, both here and abroad, who have also suffered at the hands of failed foreign policy.

**  Kate Steinle, murdered by a several time deported and several time convicted illegal alien felon, and the others like her, who have died and suffered at the hands of sanctuary cities and failed border policies.

These and many more are reasons why I cannot take a chance of allowing Hillary Clinton to get into office.  But the main reason: Character matters!  I believe that Trump and Pence have at least a modicum of character.  Hillary Clinton, not so much.

Please pray for our nation.  We are in troubling times.  I love my country, but I truly fear for her.

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