Monday, October 10, 2016


Scenario: A SHTF event has just happened. You live in an urban area. You need to secure your home and your neighborhood. Do you know who your neighbors are?

Who are the "Papas?" The "Patriot" neighbors whom you know will be solid allies? Who can help you set up your security teams to protect your neighborhood? Who has prepared and will be self sufficient?

On the other hand, who are the "Limas?" Lima standing for socialist "Liberal," government "Loyalist," or just plain "Leeches?" Who will come knocking at your door wanting things? Who will rat you out to the government agents when they come looking for weapons and supplies to confiscate? Who will insist that since you have prepared you OWE them some assistance? Who will be an absolute hindrance when you start organizing the protection efforts?

And finally there are the "Sierras." The "Sheep" in your neighborhood. And I don't mean this in a derogatory way. These are the true innocents in your midst. The elderly, the single mothers, the folks who simply don't have the means for one reason or another to prepare to your level, or to assist with security tasks. We are "sheepdogs," after all. These are the people we swore to protect.

My advice: Get a map of your neighborhood that shows the actual houses, and start labeling the ones you absolutely know are the "Papas," "Limas," and "Sierras" in your neighborhood. Google Maps goes down to the structure level (see attached image). also has excellent neighborhood diagramming as part of the program so that you can tell which neighbors have joined. In fact, I highly recommend joining if your neighborhood or HOA has a presence on this site. Participating in and viewing the discussions will give you a pretty good idea who your neighbors are, and what they are interested in.

Talk to your neighbors! Find out who will be an asset to your efforts, who will need help, and who will truly be against you. Yes, it is possible to be kind and understanding, and yet have good situational awareness. That's all I'm saying here.

This is part of your preparedness plan - Your life may depend on it.

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