Saturday, September 14, 2019

Which Side Will YOU Be On?!

I'm afraid we have come to the point where we are going to have to choose which side of history and freedom we will be on, and we are going to have to choose very soon (if not already).  The Democrat presidential candidates are emboldened by all the recent mass shootings and are making outrageous claims about guns, gun owners, and even their belief of what the Second Amendment allows.  Their goal is a simple one:  eliminate ALL guns from the hands of law-abiding citizens.  Yes - I mention the law-abiding citizens specifically because I have yet to hear about how they plan to take guns away from criminals.  I have not heard them say that they even WANT to take guns away from criminals.  I also hear their continued support of terrorist groups like Antifa, and I firmly believe that they fully plan to use Antifa and cartel members as their enforcers once they get into power.

We will indeed have to choose.  Sitting on the fence will not be an option.  You will have to make a clear choice about whether your rights are worth fighting for, or if you will one day simply bow to the dictates of an authoritarian regime.  I hope you will choose the former.  But if you choose the latter, I pray that your chains rest lightly upon you.

In case you aren't sure what we're up against, and what these emboldened haters of freedom are actually saying, here it is from their very own mouths.  And what is really startling is the thunderous applause from people who have no clue about history, and have no clue what it means to be responsible for their own protection. Beto, Booker, and the rest are simply clear examples of radicals who have given up the radical pose to achieve the radical ends.  In other words, they have put on a suit and run for office in hopes of forcing a radical freedom-hating agenda down the throats of the American people.

But wait, it gets worse!  Now there is the talk of gun permitting schemes, which really amount to gun registration.  Gun registration has historically never ended well for anyone.  Have they thought through these ideas to figure out if they make sense or are practical?  Of course not.  They think of and push these terrible ideas because they are impractical and will make gun ownership by the common law-abiding citizen impossible.  That's the idea.

Personal Opinion:  Plain and simply, the bold statements and ideas by these presidential candidates signal a plan to take away liberty, the likes of which has never before been seen in this country.  They have to completely disarm us in order for the reat of their agenda to succeed.  Take a look at the "Green New Deal" and their ideas on completely doing away with cars, planes, and any other part of our lives that creates any kind of emissions.  They can't get us all to willingly go back to living in the stone age if we can rebel.

I also believe that they are pushing these ideas now in hopes of causing more mass shootings so that they can then bolster their agenda and further spin up public hatred of guns and gun owners.  They know full well that the current Congress and President will never allow these terrible ideas to become law.  Yet.  But if they float them out there, they can spin up fear and anger, and possibly cause one of the patriots to go over the edge and start taking violent action now.

I love my country, but I fear for her.


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Friday, September 06, 2019

We're All Terrorists Now

Not that the City of San Francisco Board of Supervisors has any credibility with me, but they just announced that they have designated the National Rifle Association a domestic terrorist organization.  Nevermind that they have no problem with the antics of Antifa thugs.  And never mind that their feckless management of their city has caused the once beautiful city of San Francisco to become a festering sewer (literally) of human waste and homelessness.  They are essentially targetting six million American citizens and treating them not as law-abiding citizens who enjoy a constitutional right, but as people who don't think as they do, and who threaten their own quests for power.  They are so afraid of guns that they feel they must "do something" to combat an issue caused by evil hearts by laying these horrific actions at the feet of the people who have done nothing wrong.  And while I don't agree with everything the NRA does these days, I have to point out that the NRA is responsible for certifying thousands of instructors who teach an excellent program of gun safety and responsible use of firearms. 

On the one hand, this is a serious matter.  As Jared mentions in this video, we need to pay attention to this type of thing because this sets the tone for large scale "Red Flag" designations to go after many gun owners in one fell swoop.  I mean literally - all they have to do is get the NRA's mailing list or membership rosters and start issuing Red Flag designations on large numbers of their own citizens.  I would add that this type of action also emboldens other liberal city governments to do the same thing to their own citizens.  City governments in the most liberal of our American cities will look at this and think "Hey, neat!  Let's do the same thing here." You must realize that these city governments (or state governments, or even the federal government) no longer see us as constituents and citizens.  They see us like herds of cattle.  They want to control us and bolster their own power.  Power and control are in the hearts of virtually every politician these days.  Not public service!

But on the other hand, the NRA has been designated a terrorist organization by the same people who have proclaimed that it is ok for people to poop all over their public streets and sidewalks.  As Dr. Turley says in the video, San Francisco is a dump and they have a massive homeless problem that they need to fix.  But yet their most important issue right now is to pretend that they are leaders by designating the NRA a domestic terrorist organization.  Not just the NRA as an organization, but also every single individual member.  Their little resolution here is nothing more than their own virtue-signaling, and yet another piece of grandstanding to show their liberal constituency that they are "doing something" to battle gun violence.  This little resolution does nothing.  Hey, San Francisco Board of Supervisors - how about battling your poopy streets, and the illegal immigrant criminals who are actually committing crimes and killing people!

Regardless of whether or not we think that this is a serious matter or just a joke by people who have no more credibility than a sack of wet mice, we have to realize that the people who hate guns and gun owners have been emboldened to continue with ridiculous measures to persecute those who think differently than they do.  We have a constitutional right and obligation to stand up to this thuggery, and fight it with our last breath.  My fellow veterans know what I'm talking about.  We took an oath to protect our constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.  You better be getting out there and helping these awful power-mongering politicians to find the door and be replaced by good, constitution loving people who are willing to serve their citizens.

I love my country, but I fear for her.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Red Flag Laws (Again!)

Reposted from my "Firearms Training" blog because this issue is that important.  We should all be extremely concerned about this.  Social media scouring to determine who to "Red Flag" - seriously?!  Suppression of free speech is now taking the form of "Minority Report" types of behavior by the government.  It's bad enough that social media is suppressing conservative speech.  But stuff like this actually makes gun owners (who are most likely to be conservatives) afraid to even post anything on their social media accounts.  Share a meme that they don't like?  Red Flag.  Even repost a news story that they don't like?  Red Flag.  Are you a YouTube firearms friendly channel?  Red Flag.  This is getting out of control, and we need to be as vocal as possible to our representation.

Special sessions for Red Flag Laws in the news.  Next meeting of the House Judiciary Committee, September 4, 2019.  Nadler and company plan on working on HR-1186 (Large Capacity Magazine Ban) and HR 1236 (Red Flag Laws) and many others.  Please make sure that you are contacting your representation and oppose this dangerous legislation.

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Saturday, August 24, 2019

The Gonzo Report - August 24, 2019

The big news this week seems to be a lot of talk about financial worries over China trade tariff issues, and issues caused by our own Federal Reserve System.  What I find very disturbing here, though, is that the usual suspects on the left are actually rooting for some sort of economic downturn or even a full-blown recession.  And I'm not talking about just the Democrat politicians that want to bring down our President.  I am also talking about a large number of leftist groups funded by George Soros and the like.  Their thinking is that it will make President Trump look bad and hurt his chances for the 2020 election.  Pundits in the main-stream-media have even said as much that they think that hurting the American people with an economic collapse would be worth it if it helps facilitate the removal of the current sitting president.

But President Trump has a plan.  He is working on things to further bolster our strength in international trade and the financial world.  The man is an economic and business genius - that's why we voted for him - and has the knowledge and cunning to outsmart these leftist and the foreign actors to bring back America's strength to keep countries such as China from taking advantage of us as they have lo these many years.

Seems a week doesn't go by without Antifa being in the news.  This group of thugs is doing their best to harass innocent people and silence those who don't think as they do.  But it gets worse.  As I have mentioned before, I fully believe that the left is bolstering Antifa to be their enforcement arm for the day that they take power and full control of our citizenry.  This is serious, folks.  We make a lot of jokes about them, and make fun of them because they seem to be made up of beta-male soy boys.  But the reality is that they are completely uninhibited when it comes to committing acts of violence, and they are further enabled by mayors and police departments who refuse to crack down on them.

My opinion: Antifa needs to classified as a terrorist organization.  Antifa members need to be arrested and prosecuted.  And if the mayors and police departments refuse to deal with them, then We The People may be forced to step up and deal with them ourselves.

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