Thursday, July 27, 2006

Israel versus Hezbollah

The U.S. is pretty much giving the green light to Israel to attack Hezbollah. Well, I say go for it. Why should we be placating terrorist organizations at the expense of our relationship with Israel? The United States needs to clearly understand that a good relationship with Israel is vital to our own survival as a country. We turn our backs on Israel only at risk of our own destruction.

It's all these damn liberals that are calling for the placating of these terrorist organizations. Appease them and they will be our friends. Yeah right - they will come to or country, get educated, maybe spy on us a little, and ram another airplane into a skyscraper. All in the name of God. Well, the God I believe in doesn't call for the beheading of innocents or demand that we blow ourselves up in a crowded market. Yeah - let's appease those terrorist bastards and while we're at it just invite them to our homes so they can kill us.

I firmly believe that God will deal with nations in part based on their treatment of Israel. We can turn around this nonsense of placating terrorists and we can reaffirm our loyalty with Israel. To do otherwise will assure our own future destruction.