Thursday, August 03, 2006

You're Violating My Constitutional Rights!

I had to laugh. Today I was in the break room at work, and I couldn’t help but over hear two guys arguing about what constitutes “profiling” or not, and furthermore the constitutionality of it. Anyway – the argument evolved into whether or not it was okay to screen people in an airport on their way to their flights.

Okay – here’s where I find people to be the dumbest species on this planet: After 9/11, people were running around bitching about why these people were not properly screened at airports. Now that we are being screened, people are bitching about their constitutional rights. That will last until the next time someone hijacks a plane and rams it into Sears Tower – then they will go back to bitching about why people aren’t being screened.

Make up your minds, folks! Just my $.02 here, but I am an American with nothing to hide – if someone makes me take off my shoes and x-rays my bags before I get on a flight, then that is fine with me. I have nothing to hide. And any American with nothing to hide should feel the same way. And if they take some extra time to inspect the person of a suspicious acting middle-eastern, so be it. If they have nothing to hide, they will be on their way to their flight.

Today people will bitch about this, and then tomorrow jump on a new bandwagon to bitch about that. My dog has more intelligence than most people!