Monday, May 26, 2008

Sneaky Gun Control Tactics

If you knew you couldn’t outright take something away from people, then how do you go about using other measures to effectively “ban” that thing by making it useless? Well… you would simply pretend to support people’s rights by telling them that you wouldn’t ban something, and instead use sneaky tactics behind the scenes to effectively do the same thing that your intended ban would do by so heavily regulating it that it is a useless right. Those who seek to take control of the White House aren't stupid. They know exactly how to sneak their agendas through because they know that the sheeple are gullible and will be willing recipients of their tactics. So – let’s take a look at how this is done...

The article “We're All Gun Nuts Now: The Democrats sidle up to the Second Amendment.” By John McCormack, which appears in the May 19, 2008 edition of The Weekly Standard, discusses how the presidential candidates answered (or more to the point sidestepped) questions about their support for gun control. They pleaded ignorance to briefs presented in the Washington D.C. versus Heller case, which is currently before the U.S. Supreme Court, and even outright denied participation in previous gun control polls and discussions. Then later they began to emerge with statements about how they:

“will not take away a law abiding citizen’s right to hunt target shoot (and later adding) defend their families…”

Basically, what this article points out is the obvious and well known notion that politicians will sidestep the issues while they are campaigning, then turn the tables and do whatever they darn well please once they are elected. They make statements about their support for the 2nd Amendment by saying things like:

“I support the 2nd Amendment, BUT…” or “I believe in ‘common sense’ and ‘reasonable’ gun laws…”

What they really mean is that they have a gun control agenda that they want to push through. They know that they can’t do it overtly, so they disguise it so as to be palatable or even a different thing altogether to try to fool even the reasonable gun owner. The rest of the brainwashed sheeple won’t care what it is that the politicians are trying to do – they are too lazy or stupid to do research, or they just plain don’t care about their rights being taken away one by one. Many of the people who fall into that category anyway (sheeple, I mean) prefer to live in a “nanny state” where the government takes care of all their needs. These types of laws, to them, are just additional assurance that the government is “looking out for them and doing what’s best for them.”This whole situation is nothing more than what is commonly referred to as the FUD tactic: Spreading Fear Uncertainty, and Doubt in order to sway people’s decisions through misinformation or deliberately omitting important information. If people are made to be oblivious or even fearful of things, even though the fears are completely unfounded, then they can be duped into being swept along in the tide of other unreasonable and fearful people to institute something that makes no sense whatsoever. But since they didn’t take the time to get all the facts, they have just ignorantly been convinced to make an unsound decision. And if some politician can promise to solve these fears and uncertainties, then the masses will blindly vote them into power.

As an aside: Yes – I just said “vote them into power” not “…office.” Politicians crave power – they have no intention of being voted into “office.” To be voted into “office” would mean that they are acknowledging that they are the servants to the people, as they were meant to be. They seem to forget the principles on which this country was founded. I seem to remember something about the “…consent of the governed…” being mentioned in our country’s founding documents, but I don’t see too many of these politicians caring about that anymore.But I think the FUD tactics of the ambitious politician are even more devious than that. Now that they know that an outright ban on firearms will not be supported, even by some of their own people (other politicians), they will resort instead to pushing forward with their version of "reasonable" controls and "common sense" gun laws. If they can’t ban something outright, they can surely regulate it to the extent that having it is useless. As an example, they will push forward with mandates for such things as requirements for expensive training, licensing, registration, ammunition stamping, ballistic fingerprinting and the like. Their outward message is:

"These are 'common sense' and 'reasonable' controls that will protect you and keep you safe."

The underlying, and actual theme of these controls are that they want to make firearm ownership and use so exorbitantly expensive that people will either lose interest altogether, or simply not be able to afford to maintain what they have (“I have a gun but now can't afford bullets”).

And what good is that right to bear firearms without bullets? That is like telling us that we can enjoy our 1st amendment rights, as long as we don’t use keyboards or Internet blogs to do so. What good is a right to bear firearms if I have to jump through so many hoops to register one that it takes a long time and a lot of money before I can have one? Last I checked, basic human rights were not supposed to have these types of conditions. And that is exactly what the liberal politicians are counting on to slip their horrid agendas through. They can then honestly make the claim:

“We did NOT infringe on your right to keep and bear arms.”

They just made it impossible for us to use them.In my opinion, what this does is effectively takes away firearm ownership from the lower income populations - the folks who probably need self defense measures the most, and makes it more difficult for even middle-class Americans to keep up with the costs of firearm ownership and use. The majority of people in these classes are easy to target because these same politicians come off with high emotions and promises of government benefits and programs to help them live better lives. The folks in lower or even moderate income families then have little to no other choice but to vote for these people because these are the politicians who give them the greatest chance of economic survival.

These promises greatly overshadow the politician’s lack of support and even downright hatred of even basic human rights. It is, after all, easier to control your citizens when they are unarmed. Basic human rights are supposed to be enjoyed by everyone, not just those who can afford them. Basic human rights are supposed to know no discrimination. But the elitist liberals want to be able to control who can do what, and they rely on a large population of dependant subjects in order to be able to exert power.

Sneaky tactics, FUD, and lying to the public are the tools of the politician to make people afraid of guns and to fool them into believing that more gun laws will keep them safe. Instead of focusing on ways to get the criminals off the streets, they are seeking to take away a basic human right from the law abiding of this country by taking away their tools of defense. What’s next – heavily regulate or ban pepper spray? Well, they’re trying to regulate that too, but that is the topic of another article.
It is obvious who is going to probably end up with the Democratic nomination. In my opinion, Barack Obama is one such politician who favors and employs these types of sneaky tactics and FUD to put gun ownership out of the reach of most Americans, while making the statement:

“I support your 2nd amendment right to bear arms."

and crossing his fingers behind his back. He can say that all day long, while pushing and backing laws that will make our rights essentially worthless.

The 2nd Amendment of our Bill of Rights guarantees that our right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Even the clause in the 2nd Amendment that talks about the “…well regulated militia…” infers that this is an individual right. Who makes up the militia, anyway? We the people make up any potential militia! We the people are the last line of defense in the event of another attack on American soil. We the people also have the right (and responsibility) to defend our families, but these liberal power-mongers don’t feel that we have that right.

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Decision to Be an Armed Citizen – Part 3

The Mental Side of Being an Armed Citizen:

And NO – I am not referring to anything even hinting of those of us who carry having mental illness, being a mental defective, or any such nonsense. In fact, all of the gun owners and CCW permit holders I know are at the top of the list of the most mentally and emotionally stable people I know. Having acute awareness and mental abilities is a key factor in the persona who carries a concealed weapon. Mindset is an important ingredient in self defense, and being mentally prepared for the worst is a part of my strategy. Thinking about the various scenarios and knowing what actions I will take is one of my most valuable weapons.

In this segment, I would like to focus one of the most valuable self defense weapons available – the human mind. And while I am by no means a psychologist or expert of emotional well being in any way (I am a computer geek, after all), I do know that being aware, mentally prepared, and decisive in action is a key ingredient to survival.

Situational and Environmental Awareness:

In all honesty, I feel that a significant part of our society is made up of unaware, self consumed individuals. For example, I ride a motorcycle – and I can’t begin to tell you the number of times I have been cutoff and almost hit by people on their cell phones or engaging in other activities while driving which distracts them to the point that they can’t even pay attention to what is going on around them. These people can’t stop for simple stop-signs, and even by one woman I observed was eating a bowl of cereal (I’m not kidding) while driving her minivan. Some people seem to always be on their phones, and the funny thing is, they don’t really seem to be talking about anything earth shattering.

Then there are just those who seem to be looking at their shoes all the time, or are obviously in another place while they are out and about. I have a name for these people: they are simply the “unaware” of our society. Unfortunately, the criminal element is aware of these people as well, and they have their own name for them: “Victim!”

In my refusal to be a victim or to allow myself to be caught unaware by some piece of street scum who is looking for his next victim, I am chosen instead to be aware of what’s going on around me. I wish I could offer some advice on how to train yourself to do this, because for me it just comes naturally. I was in the Navy, and spent a great deal of my time on the flight deck, and working around aircraft. Our saying was: “Keep your head on a swivel.” To this day, I find myself being aware of everything around me. I was fortunate; this is part of the incidental training that I received due to my profession. For those of you who need some training in this arena, I suggest you read “How to Win a Gunfight: Gaining the Half-Second Advantage” by Tony Walker (ISBN 0-7414-4341-4. This wonderful book is full of insights on how to become more aware, and how to practice some of the other elements of self defense.

Stress Relief and Physical Fitness:

I read somewhere that anger has no place in the life of someone who carries a concealed weapon. That really struck me as profound. One of the wildest stereotypes that the anti-gun people have of us is that we will get angry and go on a wild shooting rampage. Well for one thing, multitudes of studies have shown that the “wild west” and “road rage” aspects of regular citizens carrying concealed weapons has never come to pass. In fact, the more articles I read, the more I am convinced of something I already believed; law abiding citizens who carry weapons tend to be more polite and avoiding of situations that would illicit an armed response. If someone is unhappy with me, I simply nod and walk away. They may call me names, and they may insult me. But that is just something that I have learned to live with over the years. Getting into any type of altercation, armed or not, has just never been worth the outcomes.

So what does one do to get rid of the stress and anger? We all get angry, we all get stressed. And in the case of having to walk away from a situation, it is likely that pride and dignity will suffer to some extent. For me, physical fitness plays an important part of that stress relief. I’m not a spring chicken any more, so going to the gym regularly helps to relieve stress, but it also helps to add longevity and quality to life. In fact, one of the other aspects of self defense is agility, stamina, and the ability to gain (as Tony Walker puts it) that “half-second advantage.” An hour in the gym and I feel totally different and recharged.

But since I’m mentioning stress relief, there is another technique that my wife and I use for stress relief: going to the range! And no, I’m not talking about taking along effigies of our most hated co-worker or anything like that. We participate in a weekly shooting league at our favorite indoor pistol range. Each week, the targets are varied, the distances of the targets are varied, and the scoring is varied. For about an hour a week, we go to the range, the shooting scenario unknown to us until we arrive, and we spend that time concentrating on those targets and getting the best score that we can. During that time, we are thinking of nothing else! All thoughts of our hectic work day have literally vanished, and we are all consumed in having fun at the range. We share ideas on shooting techniques, we meet new people, and we enjoy talking with the proprietors on the gun shop. This relates to physical fitness also because we are practicing new and varied ways to shoot, different types of targets, and shooting at different ranges. In other words, we are getting a frequently changing look at the dynamic of shooting and practicing with our weapons. We go home and talk about the evening at the range and just enjoy the fact that we have yet another activity that we enjoy doing together. Having that aspect of my life in solidly good shape allows me personally to put everything else into place as well.

Thoughts While Out and About:

So what am I thinking about while out there running my daily errands? Mostly on my minds is how to be as completely invisible as possible. I want to be the person that no one notices. So to that end, I don’t go out of my way to attract attention, and I certainly don’t go out of my way to give any clue that I am carrying a weapon. What this means is that I am careful about how I get out of my car, lest my firearm be exposed, and I am aware of what other types of people are in the area. For example, if a mother and her young children are in the area, I especially don’t want the youngsters seeing my gun. I know that some people are afraid of guns, no matter how much we have proven that there is nothing to be afraid of, and I don’t want anyone needlessly feeling afraid or uneasy around me. So for those reasons alone, I am very cognizant of making sure that my concealed weapon is just that: concealed!

A very important part of my thought process is in knowing where I can or cannot go if I am carrying a firearm. I know that some establishments don’t care either way, while still others adamantly refuse entrance to holders of valid CCW permits if they have weapons. So essentially, I do the best I can to know who has what policy, and to respect their wishes. But I will say this about the establishments who refuse to allow law abiding citizens to carry their concealed weapons into their businesses: I won’t give them my business period. But it’s not because I think they possess some liberal, anti-gun mind-set. It is specifically because they have made the statement that I am not welcome to use my chosen method of self defense while on their premises. If I or my family were to be in one of these types of places, and an armed gunman appears, they are disallowing me the means to defend myself. They have no intention of providing for my protection while I am there, however, as seen by the lack of armed guards in any of these places. Additionally, my state law makers have made it clear to me that I cannot hold them legally liable for damages, death, or injury if I or my family is harmed in their “gun free” zone.

Constantly on my mind when I am out and about is an awareness of other people, particularly who are the “good guys” and who are the “bad guys.” I try not to be judgmental, but let’s face it: you can just tell sometimes, who are the average citizens walking around, and who the lower forms of human existence are. Going to the mall, for example, it is painfully obvious who the vultures are because you can see them sizing up everyone, following people around, and in general looking like they have no purpose in life other than to find their next victim. This is the same behavior seen on nature channels when the jackals are sizing up their next meal. The baggy pants, the hat cocked sideways, the less than understandable grammar. It is obvious they aren’t there to do their shopping and leave – they just seem to be there perpetually as if that is their place of employment. Well, perhaps it is. I’m suspicious of everyone, and I spend a lot of time observing people. Unless you are completely unaware of your surroundings, you kind of have an idea who you can (mostly) ignore, and who you need to keep your eye on. Being aware is to be prepared, and being prepared means you are watching them more closely than the rest. The best thing I try to do is just avoid the places where these maggots seem to congregate the most, but sometimes what you need is at the place where the vultures hang out: The shopping mall and Wal-Mart seem to be the two most likely places where the dregs of society can be found here in my small town.

Wrapping it all up:

As you can see throughout this article series, I have tried to illustrate that I do indeed consider being an armed citizen to be a serious and awesome responsibility. These aren’t the ravings of some “gun nut” who just wants to be able to carry his “toys” everywhere. This is the mindset of a free man who values his and his family’s safety above all else. Self defense is a basic human right. I owe it to my family to live a long life and provide for their well being and safety. This is my responsibility, not that of the government. I don’t want to rely on anyone else to carry out those responsibilities which are mine alone, but at the same time I don’t want anyone thinking that they have the right to take my abilities to perform my responsibilities away from me. The founders of our country made it clear that we were endowed these rights by our Creator, and that idea is still valid today. Technologies have changed, and the population of criminals has increased from their day, but what was spoken then is still valid now. My right to defend myself and my family is absolutely and unequivocally non-negotiable!