Thursday, January 01, 2015

Prayers and Strength For A Better Year in 2015!

As we enter the new year 2015, I find myself lamenting the fact that our country has changed so much, and not for the better, this past year.  But I want so much to cling to hope that things will turn around, and we'll all just be able to live in peace and be left alone.  I want for my family to know safety and peace, and I want my new Grandchild to not have to fear what is happening to her country.

I think the one thing that disappoints me the most is how we seem to have ended 2014 - on a note of racial division and hatred. Some in our black community have allowed themselves to become useful idiots by the likes of Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, Communist Supreme Bill De Blasio, and even the alleged "leader" of our current administration. Instead of looking towards unification (as the people above so many times promised), our citizens instead are being drawn into the web of lies that people like the aforementioned spin to deceive them and keep them down.   I really hate calling these people "useful idiots," but alas, that's what they are.  These are the people so often referred to as the "low information" crowd, because they are not willing to look at the facts.

This is a tragedy of epic proportion. Especially when you consider that there are so many good and decent people in the black community, for example, for our low information crowd to look up to instead.  People such as Dr. Alveda King, Dr. Ben Carson, Mia Love, and Deneen Borelli, just to name a few, present an awesome example for people to follow. One of my heroes, Dr. Martin Luther King would be heartbroken if he were alive today.

My heart breaks when I look at the fact that lies and distortion have led to our men and women in law enforcement to be demonized.  These people risk their lives every single day for us.  Yes, there are bad apples in law enforcement.  But there are bad apples everywhere.  The police, Sheriffs, and other emergency responders do what they do with low pay, and now even lower respect.  Tell ya what - do away with them (or kill them as the low information crowd has been chanting for), and see how fast you get a response the next time you call 9-1-1!  And please remember - the aforementioned people of power are also the ones who want all of us disarmed.  When calling 9-1-1 no longer delivers ANY kind of response, just how long do you think we'll all survive if we have no means of self defense?!

Then, there is the still looming large threat of ISIS, international cyber-terrorists, and a myriad of other threats from abroad.  Our current leadership has painted us into a corner of weakness.  There are many in other lands who would like to exploit this.  The threats are many, and our defenses are now few, save that of the brave citizens who will stand up against these threats in spite of the perceptions created by this administration.  Preppers, Sheepdogs, and a minority of others known as the "III%er" community will do our best.  But unless the rest of America wakes up, we are in a dire and dangerous situation.

Kripes! I just want my country back. I want for my black friends, my white friends, my Asian friends, and my Hispanic friends to never again have to be afraid of each other. I want our law enforcement men and women treated with the respect they deserve.  I want ISIS and redical islam wiped from the face of the planet. I want God back in our society. And I want liberty to ring out everywhere. I want socialism vanquished from our land, and I want the power-mongers and race-baiters to be put in their rightful place.

That's all I ask. Happy 2015, everyone. Hope and prayers for a better year.  But as Thomas Paine once said:  "If there must be trouble, let it be in my day that my children will have peace."