Tuesday, June 30, 2015

ARTICLE: When Doctors Ask About Firearms

While I have never had a doctor ask me this, I know for a fact it is happening bared in discussions with friends.  This article points out what I see to be a huge problem - that is that these medical associations are trying to enforce an agenda on us by way of our doctors.  It's bad enough that colleges and universities are indoctrinating them as medical students (well, ALL students), but then the associations further that indoctrination and use these doctors as a vehicle to intimidate patients and infringe on a Constitutionally protected right.

As the article points out, doctors, in many cases, do not know much about firearms, and are not qualified to bring discussion of them into our medical care.  They should stick to medicine and treating illness instead of extending their practice into our private lives.  Activist doctors are especially horrible.  They know even less about firearms, they just know that they don't like them, and thus feel obligated to make sure their patients feel intimidated with regards to this subject.

This article gives some great advice for dealing with this issue. The article mentions using patience and politeness when responding to these questions. That would be my advice as well.    But as for myself, I prefer a more "in your face" approach.  If ever asked about firearms ownership, I will very sternly inform that that if they insist on asking me that question, they better also ask me if I possess and typewriters, bibles, lawyers, or any of the other things that go with the other rights as enumerated in the Bill of Rights.  Otherwise, the answer is "I refuse to answer that question."

What to Do When Your Doctor Asks About Your Guns

Sunday, June 28, 2015

VIDEO: Front Sight Focus - How To Instantly Shoot Like a Navy SEAL

Self defense is one thing that you will hear me preaching over and over.  And the use of firearms in your self defense repertoire is, in my opinion, the  most effective for what I am pretty sure we are about to face.  Being able to shoot effectively and accurately will save lives, as well as saving precious ammo.  Making every shot count will be a life saver!

Try these drills.  This method works! In all my years teaching firearms techniques, I have found that my students have the most difficulty with aiming because they really don't know where to put their focus.  Front sight focus is absolutely the key to having the ability to shoot consistently and accurately.

Your eyes have muscles and nerves that enable them to move and focus. Doing these drills builds muscle memory.  So don't be afraid to begin slowly.  By being slow and deliberate, you will do things the same way every time.   Doing these movements slowly and deliberately will cause your eye muscles to learn and "burn in" the desired motion and function.  This will allow you to begin speeding up these movements, and work up to acquiring your target more quickly.  You will find that by repetition,  you will be able to acquire targets more quickly, make defensive decisions more quickly, and shoot more accurately.

Shoot safely, be accurate!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

RIP First Amendment!

OK, here's the deal: I have a couple of friends who are gay. I have gay colleagues and acquaintances. I will support their human rights, and rights as American citizens, to the death if necessary. So don't tell me that what I am about to say is about my hatred of gay people. It is not. I love them as humans and fellow citizens of America, as I do all of the people of our country.

But the definition of marriage was given to us by the Creator of the Universe long before this feckless president came into office, and long before this unelected black robed gang of elitist thugs took the bench. Marriage is defined as the joining of two people to become one flesh, and it is to be one man and one woman, PERIOD.

Equal rights under the law for gay people? Absolutely.

Civil unions for gay people so that they can make medical care and financial decisions with and for their partner, and enjoy all of the other rights and legal protections that that entails? Absolutely.
But defining that as marriage? NO!

The supreme court has more or less created an environment where 1st amendment rights will no longer apply to those who oppose gay marriage. They have also pretty much nullified state's rights with this ruling. Be prepared for churches to have their tax exempt status taken away for preaching the Gospel, which teaches that marriage is between one man and one woman. Be prepared to see talk radio hosts pulled off the air for alleged "hate speech" every time they voice their opinion about it. And fellow conservatives - be prepared to be labeled as haters for holding dear and voicing your beliefs about this issue. No big deal? I hope you still feel that way when you lose your job because of what you believe.

I take huge offense at this president illuminating the White House in rainbow colors just to celebrate this ruling. He's essentially doing a victory dance, and rubbing it in our faces that he got his way. Never mind that he is supposed to be the president for ALL American people, but is going out of his way to alienate millions of us by this action. A more mature and more statesman-like president would have simply heard the ruling and retired for the day without going to the trouble to direct his house slaves to put up rainbow lighting.
So what do we do? Get educated, quick fast and in a hurry - we need to turn this around. As one of my dearest friends would say: "Read a damn book!" And the book I suggest you read right now is "The Liberty Amendments" by Mark Levin. He outlines a constitutional amendment that would limit the power of these black robed elitist thugs, and give the power and final say back to the Congress and the State Legislatures where it belongs. The purpose of the SCOTUS is not to make laws, like they have more or less done in this case. Their job is to interpret current laws, and whether or not they are constitutional. I'm going to read it again.

Do I sound angry? Yeah - I'm mad as hell. Not at gay people, but at a president, Congress, and SCOTUS that have lost their way, and are trampling our beloved Constitution under their grimy feet.
Be well, patriots. Please pray for our nation.