Friday, November 06, 2015

Designed To Kill As Many People As Possible?!

This NRA-ILA article speaks to the rabid and incredible misunderstanding (and fear) possessed by the left of firearms. It also speaks to their complete lack of knowledge about firearms and their refusal to understand firearms usage facts, which leads to their inability make sound decisions when it comes to the legislation of firearms.

In the article, the lawmakers of Wisconsin say they want to ban so-called "assault weapons" and most other types of firearms because they are “designed to kill large numbers of people quickly.”

 In fact, it appears they are taking a shotgun approach (pun intended) to just ban any and all firearms they can think of. I am not sure they even know enough about firearms to know what kinds of guns can perform what actions, to be honest.

Hmmm.... well what d'ya know? I looked through all of the owner's manuals for all of my firearms, and in NOT ONE of these documents does it say that the firearm was designed for the explicit purpose of killing large numbers of people quickly.

A firearm has one, and only ONE purpose: To allow an operator to pull a trigger that actuates a firing pin that activates an ammunition cartridge and sends a projectile out of the barrel towards an intended target. THAT'S IT! That intended target may be a piece of paper, game being hunted, a home invader, or an invading enemy.

Killing large numbers of people is the intent of the heart of the operator of the firearm. The state of the heart may be that of a deranged and criminal mind who wants to kill as many innocent people as possible. Or the state of the heart may be a law abiding and decent citizen who wants nothing more than to protect loved ones and other innocents from a home invader or active shooter. Perhaps it's the heart of a hunter who wants to put food on the table. Or even just the heart of a sportsman who is competing in a shooting match.

The firearm itself does not have the ability to make these decisions, nor was it designed explicitly for any of these purposes.

Now I will tell you also what the 2nd Amendment was designed to do: It was designed to protect the individual RIGHT to own firearms for the purpose of protecting them from tyrannical governments and invading armies. And if it ever came to this, a firearm of the same type and action of those possessed by the invading entities was the idea of the framers when they wrote this amendment. In other words - possessing military style weapons was the intent of the framers, and is the RIGHT of individuals.

I'm not sure we're dealing with people of stellar intellect in these attempts to ban guns based solely on their perception (not knowledge) of the firearm's appearance, use, or purpose. The only thing I see in play here are people who act based on "feelings" (not knowledge) and the need to show others that they "are doing something."

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Gun Confiscation - How To Make It a Reality

Recently, an article by Michelle Jesse discussed Sheriff David Clarke's insights on how gun confiscation could become a reality. The short story is (and as was mentioned in the article) that the powers that be need to "condition" the American people to get support for candidates who will further the most ardent gun control agenda. What does this "conditioning" consist of? Hint:  Notice the rise in reports of shootings lately? This isn't coincidence.  This is part of the plan.

It's as I predicted months ago. The more shootings the liberal agenda complicit media can report, the more the gun control politicians can convince low information voters that guns are evil. And if there aren't enough shootings to report, they can just as easily manufacture them. Why do you suppose there are so many alliances between the left and groups like Black Lives Matter? The more anger they can stir up, the more violence they can create.   The more divisiveness they can cause, the more likely they are to cause unrest between factions in the community.  You do remember Hillary Clinton saying that Republicans and the NRA are her enemy, right?

Sheriff Clarke (Michelle Jesse) Article:

Add to that a report today of efforts in Ohio to get more college students registered to vote... to get support for a pro Marijuana ballot measure.

"Oh, while you're at it, can you vote for these particular candidates? They support your marijuana and free stuff causes (and gun control)."

These types of efforts are being stepped up all over. And the low information voters will have no clue what they are voting for. As long as they get their dope and free stuff, they'll be snug as kittens.   Don't believe people are that stupid?  Then watch a segment or two of "Water's World" on O'Reilly's show, or catch a YouTube video of Mark Dice.  It's astounding how unbelievably ignorant many people are.  And what's even more frightening is that these same stupid people are roaming our college campuses.  But I digress.

The Republic is in trouble. Our liberty is about to breath its last unless we do something quickly. Please prepare and be ready.  Educate your family, friends, and neighbors.  Be a prepper.  Join a group of like minded people you can trust.  Because if we don't get this turned around, I fear civil war isn't far off.   And civil war is exactly what the "powers that be" are counting on to make their transformation of our country complete.

In freedom.