Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Expectations for a New Year – 2018

I wish I could say that I was optimistic about 2018 and the elections that come with it.  We here in Colorado have a lot to gear up for, as the 2018 elections include a major slate for state seats, including Governor, Treasurer, Secretary of State, and of course all of the state house and many state senate seats.  I’m not optimistic at all for a Republican winning the Governor’s Mansion, by the way.  An extremely popular Democrat Congressman, Jared Polis, has thrown his hat in the ring for that seat.  On the Republican side, we have a major candidate in Tom Tancredo, who in my opinion, blew the 2010 Governor’s race for us by turning independent after not winning the Republican primary that year.   Our balance in the state senate is shaky at best – we only have a one or two seat Republican majority.  The state house still belongs to the Democrats, and I fear that won’t change in this election.  We in Larimer County face an election for Sheriff, and we need to reelect our current Sheriff if we want to have any hope of keeping a gun-rights friendly leader in our county.  But he will be term-limited if reelected this time so we will be facing this problem in four more years, to be sure. 

The problem we face with our state elections is that Colorado is becoming increasingly flooded with far left liberal ideas.  This just isn’t the same state I grew up in!  Many of the people who have abandoned places like California because of oppressive tax and other laws that just aren’t favorable to businesses are coming here to Colorado.  But they have not learned from voting for the people who made their state so oppressive, and they are coming here to turn Colorado into another, well, California!  These are the people who vote for higher taxes, more gun control (they would ban guns altogether if they could), more restrictions on energy development (drilling and fracking), more government funding of organizations like Planned Parenthood, and sanctuary policies that make it impossible for our law enforcement to do their jobs.  They seem to just want more government, period, with no realization of the fact that more government is what made their lives miserable in California.  In fact, in one online discussion thread, I saw a comment someone had made to the effect that we should pay more (in taxes) so that the government can protect us and do more for us.  Evidently, that poor soul doesn’t pay attention to reality.  

I suppose when these same failed ideas cause Colorado to become the new California, they will abandon this state and move on to destroy another state.  The definition of idiocy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  The definition of ignorance is legislating things and not being willing to fully research them or even speak intelligently about them (like guns!).  Well, these folks sure aren’t learning from their past mistakes, are not willing to do the homework to learn about the things they oppose before opposing them and will force their same failures and ignorance on the citizens of Colorado.

The national election picture doesn’t look any better.  The Democrats are still stinging from the 2016 elections and will eye the 2018 elections with victories by any means necessary.  Any means, including bussing people in to vote a certain way, spooling up leftist groups such as ANTIFA to continue violent protests against conservatives, further controlling a media that will only support a leftist bias of the news, and continuing indoctrination of our university students to leftist ideologies.  Plus, the Democrats have some up and coming candidates who will be eyeing major seats in Congress in 2018, and even the presidency in 2020.  I expect to see such names as Gavin Newsom, Kevin de Leon, and Kamala Harris seeking more power in this election and prepping for 2020.  What do those names all have in common?  They are extremely zealous gun control warriors and are eyeing seats that will give them the ability to enact an extremely oppressive gun control agenda, higher taxes, and just the same overall bad policies that made their state of California what it is today, which is why people are leaving in droves.  Of course, we also have some of the older worn out names to worry about as well:  Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Chuck Schumer, Diane Feinstein, and a cast of others too numerous to mention here.

So what do I expect for 2018?  After the elections, a gun control onslaught like we have never seen in recent years.  US Senator Diane Feinstein (D – California) has already queued up her latest “assault weapons” ban.  Then we have people like US Senator Richard Blumenthal (D – Connecticut) who even wants to ban TOY guns, and is introducing legislation to MANDATE that toy guns are painted in colors of the rainbow – I guess to make them less “scary” or to prevent them from looking like real guns.  C’mon, Richard!  Don’t you people in the Senate have more important things to worry about?  My related prediction is that the next ammo and gun crunch will begin on November 14, 2018, the day after the elections.

My other unfortunate expectation is a continued opposition by the left to President Trump’s agenda.  If the US House and Senate flip, it will be extremely difficult for President Trump to further his agenda to fix our broken policies.  The Senate is especially worrisome because we still need more conservative justices appointed.  A Democrat majority Senate will make getting those conservative justices confirmed nearly impossible.

And lastly, my other expectations for 2018 include more shootings to get the gun control crowd further spooled up, more violence from groups such as ANTIFA, and on the international scene, more saber-rattling by Kim Jong Un in North Korea.  On that note, I can hardly wait until the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists releases their new setting for the Doomsday Clock in January (“2 Minutes to Midnight” will be a relevant song once more).  Increasing and greater opposition to the President’s agenda, and more ways to distract the American public from what is really important.  And finally, more and better ways for people to become offended and declare everything “racist.”

Well I, for one, am not willing to just sit back and let it happen.  I will be a delegate again this election season, hopefully to the state GOP assembly, and will do everything possible to help vet good candidates so that we don’t have the same problems that Alabama had with their special election for US Senate.  I will continue to train and be willing to protect my family and friends from the violence that happens in my presence.  I will get the word out to folks, advocating for gun safety, not gun control.  One of my goals for this New Year is to continue educating people on the value of a citizenry that can defend itself from an ever-increasing amount of evil in the world, and also doing everything I can to fight that evil.  And I really won’t care about people who find themselves offended by the American Flag or my faith in God. 

We have a lot of work to do in Colorado and nationally.  Time to roll up our sleeves, patriots, and get our state and country turned around.  I fear that if we don’t do it in 2018, it will be lost forever this time.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

"Evil" Rifle Features - Hand Grips

Why am I showing a video of rifles being modified to comply with California gun laws? Because with all the new talk about gun control, California is being looked at as the model for gun laws for the rest of the country. The sheer nonsense and poorly thought-out reasoning of all this is likely coming to a state/city near you, so I wanted to use their example to give you a preview of things to come. California is the home of some of the most Draconian and worthless gun laws in the nation, but it's not surprising that other states, in their haste to "do something," would quickly adapt their model.
There are various accounts in gun control lore about California Senator Diane Feinstein deciding what types of guns to try to ban simply by picking up a gun magazine and circling all the pictures of guns that had "scary" or "evil' features. Adjustable/foldable stocks, pistol grips, flash hiders, forward grips, detachable magazines, and even the infamous "barrel shroud" are all "features" of what she calls an "assault weapon" and all seem to make the gun more "shootier" to her. So she wants to ban these features. Actually, she wants to ban ALL guns. But that pesky U.S. Constitution keeps getting in the way.

“If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States, for an outright ban, picking up every one of them (every gun) Mr. and Mrs. America, turn ‘em all in. I would have done it.” - Diane Feinstein 

First off, these laws concerning firearms configuration are "engineered" by people who know nothing about firearms or firearms safety and are simply reacting to the fact that firearms are "scary" looking.  This is simply more of the "we gotta do SOMETHING" mentality, even if that something is meaningless or even dangerous.

The fact of the matter is that some of these modifications are just downright dangerous to the operator and those around him/her.  Things like certain handgrip modifications that make it easier to drop a rifle or fixed magazine modifications that make it more dangerous to clear certain types of firearms malfunctions all lend themselves to situations where people can get seriously hurt.  I'm not sure who the "experts" are that these people obtained when dreaming up these things, but I assure you that they just didn't think them through.  But I will discuss some of these modifications in more depth in separate posts.

So in this particular video, which mainly discusses "featureless rifles" and in particular different hand grips.  The issue with the handgrip, according to people like Diane Feinstein, is that it allows you to shoot the rifle "from the hip."  Really, Diane?  Is that your concern here? And I always thought that properly holding the rifle in a secure and safe manner would be a primary concern.  I want you to notice in this video how some of these grips just don't allow the operator to securely hold the rifle.  Dropping rifles is not what I call a safe practice.

If you don't have time to watch the whole video right now, at the very least, go to 12:55 in this video to listen to what Chris has to say about some of these ridiculous laws, and how they only penalize the law abiding.  Criminals and those with evil in their heart who want to shoot up Christmas parties, concerts, churches, or schools will not be following these laws.

Stay tuned for more information and more in-depth articles.  And stay involved!  Here in Colorado, we have a new legislative session coming up, not to mention the 2018 elections.  Now is not the time to go back to sleep.

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

But We Gotta Do SOMETHING!

Another mass shooting, and once again the mantra is “But we gotta do SOMETHING to stop this.”  And the “something” that the politicians want to do is disarm and make defenseless law-abiding people.  They say they are for enacting “common sense” gun laws, and they “support” the Second Amendment, but the truth is that they want all guns abolished and are willing to slowly but surely sneak in massive legislation to get there.

Drunk drivers kill people, and we blame the drunk driver, not the cars or the alcohol.  A terrorist kills people with bombs or vehicles, and the terrorist is blamed, not the vehicle or the bomb. But once again, a mass murderer kills people with a gun, and the blame is laid on the NRA, NRA Members, Republicans, gun owners, and the guns themselves.

The Facts:

So, let’s start by looking at even just a few of the pertinent facts and issues surrounding the case of the Texas Church Massacre (for you politicians and bureaucrats out there, I don’t have the ability to write this in crayon online, so you’ll have to try to read this slowly):
  • It is a FELONY to commit murder.

  • It is a FELONY to attempt murder.

  • It is a FELONY to use a firearm in the commission of a crime.

  • It is a FELONY for a prohibited person to possess firearms.

  • It is a FELONY to lie on a BATFE Form 4473 to attempt to purchase a firearm.

  • FELONS are prohibited from possessing firearms.

  • If a prohibited person is PROPERLY processed after committing the crimes that makes them a prohibited person, the background check performed for them to purchase a firearm will disallow the sale.

  • A person who is adjudicated mentally defective is prohibited from possessing firearms.  

So What Happened?

Plain and simple: the killer was a prohibited person who should not have been in possession of firearms. 

Fox News has confirmed that “…according to a 2012 police report, cops found Devin Patrick Kelley at a bus station in El Paso after escaping from New Mexico mental institution.”

This individual was prosecuted by the United States Air Force for domestic violence, and given a sentence which carried potential imprisonment of greater than one year.  This in itself made this individual ineligible to possess firearms.  But the Air Force FAILED to report this to the FBI to cause this to show up in the NICS database used for firearms purchase background checks.  There was also evidently a failure to report his escape from a mental institution.

Had the U.S. Air Force properly processed this case, then he would have been found to be lying on the Form 4473 to purchase a firearm.  This is in and of itself is a FELONY.  But here is the problem with that:  Only 44 of the approximately 48,000 instances of felony lying on a Form 4473 have been prosecuted. 

And why is this?  Because of activist, liberal prosecutors and judges, who seem to care more about the feelings of criminals than the victims, fail to properly prosecute and sentence criminals, or allow criminals to be let off with easy sentences or no sentence at all.  They are too afraid or unwilling to prosecute the thugs and gang members committing a horrific number of murders in our large cities.

The Solution:

Want to do SOMETHING?  Enforce the damn laws already in place!  If a bureaucracy like the U.S. Air Force is not going to follow proper procedure to report their criminals to the FBI NICS system, and lawbreakers who lie on a Form 4473 are not going to be prosecuted, then don’t lecture ME on how it is too easy for people to obtain firearms.  If liberal activist prosecutors and judges are going to be afraid or unwilling to prosecute gang members and murdering thugs in the streets of Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York, then don’t lecture ME on how we need to “do something” to stop this madness.  If it is proven time and time again (as it has been over and over) that the millions of law-abiding gun owners in this country are not the ones committing these crimes, then don’t lecture ME on what type of firearms I can and cannot own to protect my family.

I have a spouse, kids, and grandchildren, any of whom I am willing to protect using up to and including deadly force.  The lectures from the “elites” hold no merit, in my opinion.  Legislators, judges, and law enforcement: Get on the ball and enforce the laws we have.  If criminals don’t obey the laws already on the books, then what makes you think they will obey more laws?  These incompetent legislators and bureaucrats are only penalizing the innocent and doing NOTHING to solve the problem.

Oh, and by the way:  The hero who ran out in his bare feet to make the initial contact to bring the murderer down used an AR-15 to do so.  So don't tell me we don't "need" these rifles to confront bad guys!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Our Domestic Enemies Defined

Folks – this is what we’re up against.  In the images toward the bottom are copies of the pages of an alleged ANTIFA manual obtained at the rally in Charlottesville, VA.  Read this, read it again, and read it a third time!  This is The Communist Manifesto, Saul Alynski’s Rules For Radicals, Hitler’s Brown Shirts SOP, and the Agenda 21 Playbook, all rolled up into one.  It does not take a whole lot of “reading between the lines” to see what ANTIFA is all about.  They are making it very plain in this document.  They are telling us exactly who they are.  They mean to spread their tactics of hate and control world-wide.  When Barack Obama was President, he spoke of having a civilian army.  If you look at the methods of Nazi Germany and various world organizations, “Brown Shirt” thugs and militant groups are the vehicle for accomplishing control of the people.  Our domestic enemy has been defined.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you ANTIFA.


So here are the key points that I got from their little manual (they wrote it and it is plain as day!):

  • They believe the white male power structure has always controlled the media and they need to change that.  The media is strongly dominated by thoroughly liberal conservative hating and pro-ANTIFA opinions today.  Hmmm.. I am thinking that is by design.
  • Social media is the primary battleground for their struggle to get the word out and recruit.  Hence the reason I am posting far and wide against their rhetoric.  We need to beat these people at their own game.
  • They think their model creates the culture of tolerance, but yet their hatred of white men, conservatives, and anyone who disagrees with them speaks volumes.  ANTIFA are the most intolerant people in our midst right now. (And they do realize that most of them are WHITE males, right?)
  • Quoting here: “Most liberals are not ANTIFA (yet), but soon they will be.” In other words, they see the entire liberal and migrant population as their ally and also intend to use the refugee crisis to recruit into their ranks. Why do you think the democrats are doing all they can to bring in immigrants? VOTERS!
  • One of their key tenets is to gain control of the media.  Their method of doing this is to gain employment in media organizations and hide their true intentions.  They also encourage using “white shame and white guilt” to get people to follow their ideals.
  • Many first learned their ANTIFA views on our college campuses, but they want it to start much earlier – indoctrinating our youngsters.  They encourage ANTIFA to gain employment as teachers and professors.
  • One of their tactics is to threaten the livelihood of anyone who disagrees with them.  “Believe The Way We Do or You Will Be Fired” is a major topic heading on page 5 of this piece of garbage literature.  Read that section – very “enlightening.”
  • They tell their followers to never reveal the endgame when trying to sell the benefits of socialized money and healthcare.  We are being sold a bill of goods by the likes of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren that feed right into this endgame.
  • The obvious next steps, according to this manual, are socialization of capital and healthcare.
  • Speed up progress by further addressing the issue of ensuring that whites create less offspring.  Increased access to birth control and increased access to abortion of whites is part of their game.
  • New World Order. I’ll let you read all about it in “Phase 3” of this manual. But they call for monitoring the citizens of the world, and guess who they see this as the primary enforcers. ANTIFA!
  • One World Government.  Spread their movement of hate and control to all other countries of the world.
  • Their desire is to create the "Former United States" – read all about it in the final paragraph of this document.

The “cis white male” that they are referring to in this document (whom they do not want this document given to), is a term derived from the original term “cisgender.”  In the context used here, the term refers to males who identify as the gender that they were assigned by our Creator at birth.  ANTIFA heavily identifies as supporting transgender individuals, evidently, and have a burning hate for “cis males” who simply are normal and identify with the gender with which they were created.  They view people who identify with their own correct gender as being somehow “homophobic” or hateful of all LGTBQ persons, and are therefore deserving as being the target of the ANTIFA hatred.  The leap they are making here is that ALL males (particularly white males) who recognize their God given gender at birth, and proceed to live their lives within the norms of the given gender, therefore hate ALL transgender individuals. 

The term “Cis White Male,” by the way, from one of the sources I researched:

“White Cis Male” can be seen as a label derived from Cisgender (often shortened as Cis), a sociological neologism coined by German sexologist Volkmar Sigusch in his 1991 article “Transsexuals and Our Nosomorphic View” to describe an individual whose gender and personal identity matches the sex he or she was assigned at birth (in contrast to someone who identifies as transgender). During the 1990s and 2000s, the term Cisgender continued to appear in academic papers on gender relations and transphobia, including Peggy McIntosh’s 1998 article “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack.”[2] Online, the term rose to prominence through its widespread usage by social justice bloggers and LGBTQ activists to combat transphobia on Tumblr in the early 2010s."

Source:   http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/white-cis-male

I'll just leave that there and you can let it sink in.

So let’s switch gears and assume for a moment that they are talking about “cis white” – a term that they are no doubt making up to signify white people who identify as being born white.  In this case, they are expressing their hatred for people who identify with the color of skin of which they were born.  If you identify as being white, then you are somehow “racist,” according to them, and are again deserving as being the target of the ANTIFA hatred.  They are making the leap that a white person recognizing that they were born with white skin must ALL certainly hate all people of all other colors.  Quite a leap.

These people are truly conflicted. They act like anarchists, but embrace a clearly communist philosophy (even calling each other “comrades”), and yet also embrace violent, militant tactics of the fascists that they claim to oppose. They claim to oppose “fascists” because they are clearly embracing an extremely leftist ideology, but are still stuck in the paradigm that fascism is a trait of extremely right-wing philosophies. In other words, they aren’t very bright, and they aren’t very astute when it comes to recognition of world political views. All they know is what was fed to them by MSNBC and people such as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama who embrace teachings of people like Saul Alynski, William Ayers, and George Soros. They have bought it hook line and sinker, and have no desire or ambition to try to educate themselves as to the real story. What they fail to understand is that communism and fascism are not extreme left and extreme right respectively. Communism and fascism both exist at the same left extreme as all other totalitarian regimes, and are the complete opposites of what we embrace as freedom and liberty. It’s just that fascism and communism implement their methods of control a little differently.

Put another way, a friend of mine on Facebook described this perfectly. Since it was described so eloquently, and I can’t improve on his explanation, I will quote here:

“Most people get the right and left thing wrong. If you think of it, right and left, as a right triangle with the high side on the left tapering down to a point on the right, the left represents total government control while the extreme right represents "0" government. Fascists, socialists, communists, oligarchs, monarchy's, dictatorships are all on the extreme left while our Constitutional Republic is somewhere around three quarters of the way to the right. Extreme right is where anarchy and lawlessness reside, something like Antifa, occupy BLM folks wreaking havoc unaware that they are working for the oligarchs in order to give them the control."

My opinion on ANTIFA:  They are, for the most part, unemployed miscreants with no skills or abilities who envision a Utopian world where everyone gets everything for free.  Wealth redistribution is their desire, again because these idiots have no means for sustaining themselves.  The ones who are employed are firmly ensconced in the world of liberal academia or liberal media where they can carry out part of their plan by indoctrinating young impressionable minds and a glazed over society who will believe everything MSNBC throws at them. ANTIFA envisions themselves as gaining special favor and prominence in a new world order and one world government structure where they are the “enforcers” and can do whatever they want to normal citizens.  Do I need to spell it out for you that gun control and gun confiscation are on their minds in order to accomplish this?

ANTIFA are not normal human beings.  Most of us have this thing called a conscience that acts as a “governor” to keep our behaviors civil, and keeps us from hurting other people.  These ANTIFA goons do not have a conscience or a governor to keep their behavior in check.  They don’t know any better than what they have been told by their leaders who have firmly embraced the “Rules For Radicals” mentality.

This is a serious matter, my friends.  These people have declared us to be their enemies.  For the record:  I am armed, and I am armed all the time because of this threat – these desperate times call for all people of prudence to take necessary measures to protect themselves and their families.  

The stupid is strong with these people, but so is their propensity for violence.

Please pray for our nation.

The ANTIFA Manual:

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

What's Wrong With Our Country - Illustrated In Thirteen Memes

I really hate to think that the tragedy of hate and deception in our country can be summed up in a baker's dozen of memes from the Internet, but these give a pretty good summary.  Take this all with a grain of salt, this is just my observation, after all.  But I think you can see the gist of all of our frustrations illustrated in a few pictures.  I stopped at thirteen, but could have kept right on going. 

It was my opinion from the very get-go that Charlottesville was a set up event to divide us even further.  And judging by what others are observing, and then sharing in the way of images, I'd say this makes a pretty profound statement of our present state of affairs.

Please pray for our country.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Same $h!T, Different Mask

Has Charlottesville woken us all up yet?  If not, then there is no shaking us out of whatever glazed-over, indoctrinated stupor we are in right now.  Yes, this is one of my angry rants!

So I’m watching Martha MacCallum's show this evening (8/14/17), and this hypocrite Green Party guy is saying that these white supremacy idiots in Charlottesville were the only hateful ones in the Charlottesville incident, but groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter are only responding to other hate that is thrust upon them, and are therefore ok. What an absolutely moronic notion! This guy takes partisan lunacy to a whole new level.  Some forms of hate are actually ok?  The groups who assassinate our cops are OK because they are just responding to other hate?  Two wrongs don't make a right, to repeat a cliche.  And NONE of these groups are innocent in this matter, nor should any of them be tolerated.  KKK, ANTIFA, ISIS, Nazis, White Supremacists:  NONE of you have a rightful place in MY America!

This is ALL hate, no matter which group it is.  It should be rather obvious to anyone with half a brain what is going on here.  The desired goal of those who hate American values and our way of life is to spool people up to hate each other, and make this a “right versus left” or “Republican versus Democrat” issue.  Please wake up folks.  This is not simply a matter of right and left, Republican and Democrat.  These are all hate groups on the same end of the hate spectrum trying to suck in all Americans and divide us as a nation.  It’s just a matter of what they can make you believe as far as who is associated with which group.  If you are a Republican, you must be a fascist or a Nazi.  If you are a Democrat, you must be a Communist.  Guess what, folks… Communism and Fascism are both on the same side of the authoritarian/liberty, hate/peace continuum – and it isn’t the liberty and peace side of those lines.   It’s just a matter of one being a different brand of hate and control from the other.  What’s tragic, is that our young people are allowing themselves to be sucked into the web of lies perpetrated by these groups, and we’re just sitting here letting it happen.

And I’m not even going to get into the whole “but he (the Dodge Challenger goon) was a registered Republican” issue.  For crying out loud!  If I wanted to commit an act of violence and make sure the Democrats got blamed, I would go online and register as a Democrat right now, and then go out and vandalize a church.  Have we forgotten the Tea Party rallies where agitators wandered in, pretending to be Tea Party Patriots, and then did hateful and egregious actions in order to make it look like the Tea Party Rallies and participants were perpetrators of hate and violence?  Are we really going to allow these agitators to help ensure that an entire demographic of people get blamed for the actions of hateful idiots?

Now let’s talk about media bias and their complicity in furthering this idiocy for a minute.  Jesse waters made a great point on his show yesterday evening: If the driver of the Dodge Challenger had been a Muslim terrorist, the media would have reported it as a lone wolf attack with no clear motive. But since the Charlottesville idiot was a “registered” republican, the media does whatever they can to make us all believe that it was the entire republican party that is responsible. A terrorist drives a van into a crowd of people in Paris, and the media reports it as a “van attack.”  So shall I hold my breath and wait for them  to report this a “Dodge Challenger” attack?  No!  He was a “registered” Republican, so therefore the media will ensure that we know that it is the entire Republican Party that is to blame.  Just like when there is a shooting, the entire NRA and all five million members are to blame.  The hypocrisy and stupidity of the media in this one is in epic proportions.

These are all hate groups, folks, and this is all an attempt to turn our nation’s citizens against each other.  We all need to wake up and ignore the lies that are being heaped upon us by those who want nothing more than to divide our country.  There are those who organize these events and even pay people to attend.  I would say that a bus full of people arriving at a location, and they all get out of the bus with bats, helmets, shields, and pepper spray are not there to hold a peaceful rally.  That’s what our law enforcement folks call “a clue!”  I suggest we all get one and wake up to what is being thrust upon us and upon this country.

End of rant.