Monday, August 14, 2017

Same $h!T, Different Mask

Has Charlottesville woken us all up yet?  If not, then there is no shaking us out of whatever glazed-over, indoctrinated stupor we are in right now.  Yes, this is one of my angry rants!

So I’m watching Martha MacCallum's show this evening (8/14/17), and this hypocrite Green Party guy is saying that these white supremacy idiots in Charlottesville were the only hateful ones in the Charlottesville incident, but groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter are only responding to other hate that is thrust upon them, and are therefore ok. What an absolutely moronic notion! This guy takes partisan lunacy to a whole new level.  Some forms of hate are actually ok?  The groups who assassinate our cops are OK because they are just responding to other hate?  Two wrongs don't make a right, to repeat a cliche.  And NONE of these groups are innocent in this matter, nor should any of them be tolerated.  KKK, ANTIFA, ISIS, Nazis, White Supremacists:  NONE of you have a rightful place in MY America!

This is ALL hate, no matter which group it is.  It should be rather obvious to anyone with half a brain what is going on here.  The desired goal of those who hate American values and our way of life is to spool people up to hate each other, and make this a “right versus left” or “Republican versus Democrat” issue.  Please wake up folks.  This is not simply a matter of right and left, Republican and Democrat.  These are all hate groups on the same end of the hate spectrum trying to suck in all Americans and divide us as a nation.  It’s just a matter of what they can make you believe as far as who is associated with which group.  If you are a Republican, you must be a fascist or a Nazi.  If you are a Democrat, you must be a Communist.  Guess what, folks… Communism and Fascism are both on the same side of the authoritarian/liberty, hate/peace continuum – and it isn’t the liberty and peace side of those lines.   It’s just a matter of one being a different brand of hate and control from the other.  What’s tragic, is that our young people are allowing themselves to be sucked into the web of lies perpetrated by these groups, and we’re just sitting here letting it happen.

And I’m not even going to get into the whole “but he (the Dodge Challenger goon) was a registered Republican” issue.  For crying out loud!  If I wanted to commit an act of violence and make sure the Democrats got blamed, I would go online and register as a Democrat right now, and then go out and vandalize a church.  Have we forgotten the Tea Party rallies where agitators wandered in, pretending to be Tea Party Patriots, and then did hateful and egregious actions in order to make it look like the Tea Party Rallies and participants were perpetrators of hate and violence?  Are we really going to allow these agitators to help ensure that an entire demographic of people get blamed for the actions of hateful idiots?

Now let’s talk about media bias and their complicity in furthering this idiocy for a minute.  Jesse waters made a great point on his show yesterday evening: If the driver of the Dodge Challenger had been a Muslim terrorist, the media would have reported it as a lone wolf attack with no clear motive. But since the Charlottesville idiot was a “registered” republican, the media does whatever they can to make us all believe that it was the entire republican party that is responsible. A terrorist drives a van into a crowd of people in Paris, and the media reports it as a “van attack.”  So shall I hold my breath and wait for them  to report this a “Dodge Challenger” attack?  No!  He was a “registered” Republican, so therefore the media will ensure that we know that it is the entire Republican Party that is to blame.  Just like when there is a shooting, the entire NRA and all five million members are to blame.  The hypocrisy and stupidity of the media in this one is in epic proportions.

These are all hate groups, folks, and this is all an attempt to turn our nation’s citizens against each other.  We all need to wake up and ignore the lies that are being heaped upon us by those who want nothing more than to divide our country.  There are those who organize these events and even pay people to attend.  I would say that a bus full of people arriving at a location, and they all get out of the bus with bats, helmets, shields, and pepper spray are not there to hold a peaceful rally.  That’s what our law enforcement folks call “a clue!”  I suggest we all get one and wake up to what is being thrust upon us and upon this country.

End of rant.

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