Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Expectations for a New Year – 2018

I wish I could say that I was optimistic about 2018 and the elections that come with it.  We here in Colorado have a lot to gear up for, as the 2018 elections include a major slate for state seats, including Governor, Treasurer, Secretary of State, and of course all of the state house and many state senate seats.  I’m not optimistic at all for a Republican winning the Governor’s Mansion, by the way.  An extremely popular Democrat Congressman, Jared Polis, has thrown his hat in the ring for that seat.  On the Republican side, we have a major candidate in Tom Tancredo, who in my opinion, blew the 2010 Governor’s race for us by turning independent after not winning the Republican primary that year.   Our balance in the state senate is shaky at best – we only have a one or two seat Republican majority.  The state house still belongs to the Democrats, and I fear that won’t change in this election.  We in Larimer County face an election for Sheriff, and we need to reelect our current Sheriff if we want to have any hope of keeping a gun-rights friendly leader in our county.  But he will be term-limited if reelected this time so we will be facing this problem in four more years, to be sure. 

The problem we face with our state elections is that Colorado is becoming increasingly flooded with far left liberal ideas.  This just isn’t the same state I grew up in!  Many of the people who have abandoned places like California because of oppressive tax and other laws that just aren’t favorable to businesses are coming here to Colorado.  But they have not learned from voting for the people who made their state so oppressive, and they are coming here to turn Colorado into another, well, California!  These are the people who vote for higher taxes, more gun control (they would ban guns altogether if they could), more restrictions on energy development (drilling and fracking), more government funding of organizations like Planned Parenthood, and sanctuary policies that make it impossible for our law enforcement to do their jobs.  They seem to just want more government, period, with no realization of the fact that more government is what made their lives miserable in California.  In fact, in one online discussion thread, I saw a comment someone had made to the effect that we should pay more (in taxes) so that the government can protect us and do more for us.  Evidently, that poor soul doesn’t pay attention to reality.  

I suppose when these same failed ideas cause Colorado to become the new California, they will abandon this state and move on to destroy another state.  The definition of idiocy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  The definition of ignorance is legislating things and not being willing to fully research them or even speak intelligently about them (like guns!).  Well, these folks sure aren’t learning from their past mistakes, are not willing to do the homework to learn about the things they oppose before opposing them and will force their same failures and ignorance on the citizens of Colorado.

The national election picture doesn’t look any better.  The Democrats are still stinging from the 2016 elections and will eye the 2018 elections with victories by any means necessary.  Any means, including bussing people in to vote a certain way, spooling up leftist groups such as ANTIFA to continue violent protests against conservatives, further controlling a media that will only support a leftist bias of the news, and continuing indoctrination of our university students to leftist ideologies.  Plus, the Democrats have some up and coming candidates who will be eyeing major seats in Congress in 2018, and even the presidency in 2020.  I expect to see such names as Gavin Newsom, Kevin de Leon, and Kamala Harris seeking more power in this election and prepping for 2020.  What do those names all have in common?  They are extremely zealous gun control warriors and are eyeing seats that will give them the ability to enact an extremely oppressive gun control agenda, higher taxes, and just the same overall bad policies that made their state of California what it is today, which is why people are leaving in droves.  Of course, we also have some of the older worn out names to worry about as well:  Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Chuck Schumer, Diane Feinstein, and a cast of others too numerous to mention here.

So what do I expect for 2018?  After the elections, a gun control onslaught like we have never seen in recent years.  US Senator Diane Feinstein (D – California) has already queued up her latest “assault weapons” ban.  Then we have people like US Senator Richard Blumenthal (D – Connecticut) who even wants to ban TOY guns, and is introducing legislation to MANDATE that toy guns are painted in colors of the rainbow – I guess to make them less “scary” or to prevent them from looking like real guns.  C’mon, Richard!  Don’t you people in the Senate have more important things to worry about?  My related prediction is that the next ammo and gun crunch will begin on November 14, 2018, the day after the elections.

My other unfortunate expectation is a continued opposition by the left to President Trump’s agenda.  If the US House and Senate flip, it will be extremely difficult for President Trump to further his agenda to fix our broken policies.  The Senate is especially worrisome because we still need more conservative justices appointed.  A Democrat majority Senate will make getting those conservative justices confirmed nearly impossible.

And lastly, my other expectations for 2018 include more shootings to get the gun control crowd further spooled up, more violence from groups such as ANTIFA, and on the international scene, more saber-rattling by Kim Jong Un in North Korea.  On that note, I can hardly wait until the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists releases their new setting for the Doomsday Clock in January (“2 Minutes to Midnight” will be a relevant song once more).  Increasing and greater opposition to the President’s agenda, and more ways to distract the American public from what is really important.  And finally, more and better ways for people to become offended and declare everything “racist.”

Well I, for one, am not willing to just sit back and let it happen.  I will be a delegate again this election season, hopefully to the state GOP assembly, and will do everything possible to help vet good candidates so that we don’t have the same problems that Alabama had with their special election for US Senate.  I will continue to train and be willing to protect my family and friends from the violence that happens in my presence.  I will get the word out to folks, advocating for gun safety, not gun control.  One of my goals for this New Year is to continue educating people on the value of a citizenry that can defend itself from an ever-increasing amount of evil in the world, and also doing everything I can to fight that evil.  And I really won’t care about people who find themselves offended by the American Flag or my faith in God. 

We have a lot of work to do in Colorado and nationally.  Time to roll up our sleeves, patriots, and get our state and country turned around.  I fear that if we don’t do it in 2018, it will be lost forever this time.