Saturday, December 29, 2018

A Stolen Life - Lives Lost to Illegal Immigrants

As the latest government shutdown drags on, the Democrats are stubbornly sticking to their stance of not allowing President Trump to obtain the funds to build a desperately needed border wall.  But this isn't about their "compassion" for people as they would have us believe.  Plain and simply put, this is about their desire for power.  And if they can't get enough Americans to vote for them to keep them in power, hey will import the needed voters from elsewhere.  

They were all for the wall back in 2006 - 2009, evidently before they realized the easy way to import their voting base.  Now they are against it.  Nancy Pelosi even calls the border wall "immoral."  What, Nancy, as opposed to the brutal slayings that are taking place at the hands of these illegal aliens, or the abortions that you so ardently support? 

Our country's sovereignty is at stake here.  The country is taking a hard left turn due to the policies of the current democratic party, and these policies will ruin any chance that our children and grandchildren have for a prosperous and safe future.  One of my dear friends on FaceBook posted a perfect analogy to this situation:

"Mass [illegal] immigration is a forced marriage: The home country is forced to marry a man she did not choose, yet she is expected to love and honor him even though he beats her and treats her badly. And on top of that, her parents (the government) tell her to be warm and show solidarity with him."

One of the latest and most noteworthy victims of the actions of a violent illegal alien, officer Ronil Singh, was gunned down while simply making a traffic stop.  Turns out the shooter is an illegal alien with known MS-13 gang ties.  Want to see the devastation that these people are causing?  Here is a news conference featuring officer Singh's brokenhearted brother, Reggie Singh.  I found this video extremely hard to watch, as it is truly heartbreaking.  Watch it, and I hope it has the same hearth-wrenchign effect on you as well.  Because we have to never forget this and get active until this never happens again.

President Trump:  Build the wall, and close our border until it's built.  Stand your ground.  We are with you. 

And finally, below are some of the victims of illegal alien violence featured by the FaceBook group "The Remembrance Project."  Please visit and support their page.  May these precious victims rest in peace.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Government Shutdown 2018/2019

Time to clear the air and correct some of the false reporting that abounds as a result of the US Government shutdown. I wanted to take an opportunity to talk about the government shutdown, and what it means to the federal employees who were furloughed.  First of all, not all federal employees are lazy bureaucrats who worship the ground that Barack Obama walked on, or who hate President Trump.  There are many who are strong conservatives, voted for our current president, support his policies, and want to see America succeed.   And among the ones who are Democrats, there are many who have a fiscally conservative viewpoint, may not have voted for our current President, but still, want to see America succeed. 

Non-Essential Personnel:

This is a completely incorrect and misguided term.  The actual term that should be used is "Non-Emergency" personnel.  The fact of the matter is that if all of these so-called "non-essential" personnel were permanently let go, none of the agencies would function correctly.  Ever.  These so-called non-essential personnel are human resources specialists, IT specialists, inspectors, budget stuff, and a whole host of other people who are in their positions because they run the day to day activities of their agencies.

The offices are staffed by skeleton crews that basically keeps the lights on, handle emergent IT and other urgent support needs, but do not perform the myriad of other necessary functions needed to keep these agencies running at their normal operational levels.  For example, IT staffs are performing minimal support functions for the staffs that are still on duty (and not being paid).  But they are not performing necessary functions such as security patching to keep servers and computing systems safe from critical vulnerabilities that could compromise government systems.  Human resource personnel are not there to handle many necessary but non-emergent staffing and other personnel needs.  Inspectors who would normally be out investigating and enforcing things such as food safety and animal welfare act violation are not out in the field to do those inspections.  Staffs that administer the food stamps program are cut to the bare minimum.  There are employee assistance staffs that would normally answer employee crisis issues and help offer resources that will not be there to answer the phone.

The "Free" Vacation:

Yes - when the government opens back up, it is customary for Congress to authorize back pay for the employees who were furloughed, whether they worked or not.  So the popular talking point is that these people got a free vacation at taxpayers' expense.  Well - yes and no.  Most of the time when I go on vacation, I go somewhere to have fun, I'm not too worried about spending money on frivolous vacation type activities, I enjoy eating out, and generally enjoy a time of no stress.

When these government employees are on furlough, they have no idea when it is going to end.  They are watching every dime, figuring out how long their savings will last if they have any, and wondering how they will be able to pay bills with what money they have.  Many live pay-check to pay-check.

They are not on vacation.  They are glued to their televisions and social media for news, any news, of what Congress and the President are doing to end the shutdown so they can go back to work.  They are listening to the rhetoric from both sides of the aisle and hearing some not very optimistic things about their situation.  And they are hearing news pundits talk about how they shouldn't worry because they will be paid after their so-called free vacation.

Not Our Enemy:

These people are not our enemy.  They want to work instead of sitting home living in stress and being glued to the TV waiting for news.  Give them a break.  Most of them are hard-working people who want nothing more than to serve their country.  Many are military veteran's, and many are disabled veterans.

These people still have bills to pay, families to feed, mortgages, student loans.  They contribute money to charities, tithe at their churches, and volunteer their time outside of work.  Not all are them are the freeloaders that the ignorant make them out to be.

Monday, December 24, 2018

The Bump Stock Ban

Look, I don't own any bump stocks.  I never wanted a bump stock, I'm not even sure that I'm spelling "bump stock" correctly.  But the latest shenanigans by a bunch of unelected federal bureaucrats has me livid.  This is bump stocks today, and my competition triggers that I use in shooting matches tomorrow, then all semi-automatic firearms after that.  If we choose to look the other way on these egregious gun laws and rulings just because we don't own the types of firearms or accessories that are being targetted, then there is something seriously wrong with us.  We must stand up and fight every single time one of these infringements is introduced, and we must keep on fighting with our last breath.

I've seen several discussion threads where folks are saying that they don't care about this ban because a bump stock is "just a toy" and a "waste of ammunition."  Well, like I said, I don't own any, never wanted one, and personally think that they have no purpose.  But the people who are turning their heads on this issue are missing the point.  Wake up!  You need to see the bigger picture.

Well, instead of listening to me rant, I thought I would leave it here and let you listen to a top Second Amendment attorney on the subject.  Alex "AK" Kincaid is in front of the fight, as are Gun Owners of America, and the Firearms Policy Coalition  Please watch the whole video.  Watch it again if that's what it takes to sink in.  AK discusses the larger picture that we all need to be aware of.

Please be sure to visit Gonzo's Garage for self-defense and preparedness needs.  You will also find articles and links to veteran's resources and a wide variety of helpful information and gear reviews.

Gonzo's Garage

Sunday, December 02, 2018

H.R. 7115 - Parts Bans

Well - I suppose in the grand scheme to ban guns, going after ammunition and now parts are expected to be par for the course.  And isn't it amazing how the language in these bans is purposefully vague and misleading?!  Seems to be the same old story: we have people who know nothing of guns lecturing us about them and then attempting to ban them.  What this type of law does is not only outlaw common parts needed to even repair your guns, but sets up a gun registration scheme which will no doubt be used later to confiscate.  This type of law vaguely and incorrectly defines "terms" and features and then sets out to make them part of yet another infringement of our rights. 

While I believe that this H.R. 7115 has little to no chance of passing at the federal level - yet - I do believe that the states, especially liberal states, are looking at this type of bill with a great deal of interest.  Since our recent elections which turned Colorado deep blue, I have no doubt that our new state legislature will look at this type of bill and will be running this one on steroids in a coming session.

For a breakdown of this bill, please take a look at the following video, watch it again, and then share it with your friends. The Daily Shooter does a very good job of thoroughly unpacking this one, so I feel I have nothing to add.  His descriptions and admonitions are very keen and timely.  He is in California, behind enemy lines when it comes to states with draconian gun laws, and I have no choice but to believe that Colorado is next when it comes to this kind of crap.

Please be sure to visit Gonzo's Garage for self-defense and preparedness needs.  You will also find articles and links to veteran's resources and a wide variety of helpful information and gear reviews.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The Walls of Jericho

September 11, 2018:  Today, we remember a great tragedy.  We mourn the dead and honor their memory.  We give thanks for the emergency responders who ran towards the disaster and did what they could to save lives, some losing their own lives in the process.  We are thankful for our military who is doing their best to keep the battle in the middle east instead of allowing it to come to our shores once again.

Regardless of what you believe about how those buildings were brought down, I will tell you I personally believe that Islamic terrorists hijacked some jet airplanes and crashed them into those buildings, and the buildings collapsed.

Oh, but the conspiracy theorists will say that: 

" is impossible for that alone to cause those buildings to collapse. The gubment planted charges in those buildings and brought them down on purpose."

So let me tell you another impossible story from the book of Joshua:

"The Walls of Jericho"

"…And the LORD said to Joshua, “Behold, I have delivered Jericho and its king and fighting men into your hands. March around the city with all the men of war, circling the city one time. Do this for six days. Have seven priests carry seven trumpets of rams' horns in front of the ark. Then on the seventh day, march around the city seven times, while the priests blow the trumpets... And when there is a long blast of the ram's horn and you hear its sound, have all the people give a mighty shout. Then the wall of the city will collapse, and the people will go up, each man straight ahead.” 

You know what? They did just as they were commanded, and the wall around the city of Jericho fell.

"So when the trumpets sounded, the people shouted. When they heard the blast of the trumpet, the people gave a great shout, and the wall collapsed. The people charged into the city, each man straight ahead, and captured the city.…:"

If our Lord God, who does indeed sometimes let bad things happen to us, can cause the walls of the great city to fall simply from a great shout and the blast of trumpets, do you not think that He is mighty enough to cause buildings to fall?

God woke us up that day. Now we have gone back to sleep. What will it take to wake us up again? 

And stop telling these ridiculous conspiracy stories.  You are dishonoring our dead by doing so.

Sunday, September 09, 2018

Firearms And The Protection Of Family

During the turbulent birth of our country, our forefathers gave us a way to protect our God-given right to bear arms, protect our country and protect our families via the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. There are many ongoing debates, pro & con on this topic.  And our politicians on the left side of the aisle certainly don't seem to want to acknowledge that we have a natural right to self-defense, and Constitutional protection to that right.

I for one, am grateful for the 2nd Amendment. Having worked in the law enforcement field while in the military, and private church security in civilian life, I fully understand that most often, police respond to a call well after the crime has been committed. Crime prevention is relinquished to the individual.

In those States that offer the privilege of obtaining concealed weapons licenses, the crime rates have shown to be substantially less than those states with stringent gun control. New York & Washington D.C. Are prime examples of States with strict anti-gun laws, yet their crime rates are well above average. Would you dare to stroll Central Park in the dark hours? One thing is for certain, Criminals will never have a shortage of guns, no matter what State they happen to be in, and very often their firepower exceed those of our law enforcement agencies, we are however making great progress in that aspect.

Long ago, I made the decision that my home and family would be protected via firearms. This is a decision that may not be viable for all. Believing that brandishing a weapon toward an intruder will be all that is needed to safeguard your family, could be a fatal error! Protecting with a firearm requires a mindset of being able to use that firearm, to pull the trigger if the situation requires it, and continue to do so until the threat has been dealt with. This may sound harsh, but seasoned criminals will often be able to tell if the homeowner is using his weapon for show or is actually serious about using it.

There have been many instances where a homeowner did not have the mindset to actually use his/her weapon, only to have it snatched by the intruder and get injured or killed by their own gun.

In my case, should an intruder invade my home and poses a threat to myself or loved ones, I will not hesitate to shoot him/her until the threat has been dealt with. My aim will be for center-mass, a double tap will be fired (2 shots), then I will evaluate the situation and if the threat persists will again fire until there are no more threats and the intruder is able to follow my instructions. If a member of my family has not called 911 by that time, a call will be made for police help & medical services for the intruder.

All those living under my roof, have received training in the use of firearms and are quite proficient in their use. Having firearms in the home also requires extensive precautions in terms of safety. All my weapons are kept in either my large gun safe or in handgun safe boxes, out of reach from little fingers as well as out of sight. Only at bedtime will I have handguns/shotgun out by our bed, a charged cell phone is also next to our bed during that time.

Protection of one’s family is a very important decision which should involve all adults in the home. Firearms are not the answer for everyone. Many people feel that they will never become victims in their own home & that if the need arises, their local police agency will be there to protect them.  But my reality does not follow that line of thinking, therefore I am prepared should problems arise. I hope and pray that the day for the use of my training never materializes.

I suggest that home protection be a subject discussed at home among adults, that a plan is decided upon should trouble find you if it involves firearms make sure that SAFETY is your first objective and followed by proficiency with whatever weapon you choose. Do not get weapons that are too much for you, it is much better to be able to hit your target with a smaller caliber than to just miss and make loud noises.

Wishing All a Great and Quiet Life.

The following is a quote from James Madison sixteen (16) months before he introduced the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1789.

"Besides the advantage of being armed, which the Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation, the existence of subordinate governments, to which the people are attached and by which the militia officers are appointed, forms a barrier against the enterprises of ambition, more insurmountable than any which a simple government of any form can admit of."

James Madison, The Federalist No. 48, February 1, 1788

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The U.S.S. Forestall Fire

Since the recent passing of Arizona US Senator John McCain, there have been many posts expressing sympathy, but also many posts expressing dislike toward the now deceased Senator.  But regardless of how you feel about him, lying about a dead man (or lying about anyone, for that matter) is just not acceptable, in my opinion. So allow me to jump on the band-wagon and chime in as well.

First of all: I do not care for the vast majority of John McCain's politics and policies and never have.  Being a staunch conservative, I always felt that the man's ideas were at times too liberal for him to even be considered a Republican.

Having said that, I am going to absolutely scream if I see one more person post on social media that fairy tale about how John McCain single-handedly started the fire on the USS Forrestal by "wet starting" his A-4 Skyhawk.  That just is NOT how this accident happened.  

The fire started as a result of a Zuni rocket being inadvertently fired from an F-4.  The rocket fired because of an electrical surge, and also because of possible failure of (or lack of) proper arming practices by the aircrew and ordies (see paragraphs 3. and 7. in the document below).  An immense conflagration followed due to jet fuel everywhere, and other ordnance exploding.

By perpetuating that false story, the people doing so are doing a severe injustice to the men who died in that fire and the lessons learned in their blood.  Those lessons affected me personally.  The very lessons learned from that accident governed the procedures my integrated weapons teams had to adhere to when we worked on avionics and weapons systems on fighter aircraft.  The other big takeaway for us was in how I and all of my fellow flight deck crewmen were trained to fight flight deck fires and perform shipboard damage control.  The lesson about telling pilots not to wet start jet engines was not mentioned to us.

So for the people who like to perpetuate these ridiculous and false stories: stop it!  Stories like this, while sounding dramatic and "fun" to tell, are simply not true.  It is a severe dishonor to the men who died, and to the men who fought the fires on that ship.

If you see these stories on social media, first read the now declassified JAG findings and then tell whoever is posting it to do some homework and stop posting incorrect information!

Thursday, August 02, 2018

Did Socialism Turn Apple Into a $1 Trillion Dollar Company?

As we approach the mid-term elections, it seems that the trend of the Democrat party is to move even farther to the left than they already have by touting popular, rising young stars who are self-proclaimed democratic socialists.  Bernie Sanders is absolutely beaming!  Bernie and his fellow democratic socialists continuously denounce capitalism, in favor of socialist ideals such as open borders, free money, free healthcare, free education, and basically free everything (except guns, of course) to all.  They hate capitalism and all that it stands for.  

But how are these young socialists taking today's news?  These people absolutely worship their Apple products, and wouldn't be caught dead without their iPhones and such.  So today it was announced that Apple is now a $1 Trillion Dollar company.  A company achieves this great milestone and success by being ardent and enthusiastic participants in  - wait for it - CAPITALISM!

These democratic socialists must be so internally conflicted right now.  They wouldn't have their toys if not for capitalism.  But they HATE capitalism, don't they?  Too funny!

So here is my shameless capitalist plug:

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The Second Amendment is second in importance only to the First!!!  Indeed, it's the Second Amendment that allows the general population to defend all the rest of them from any attempt at tyranny.

"While the people have property, arms in their hands, and only a spark of noble spirit, the most corrupt Congress must be mad to form any project of tyranny."

Rev. Nicholas Collin, Fayetteville Gazette (N.C.), October 12, 1789

The following is a quote from James Madison sixteen (16) months before he introduced the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1789.

"Besides the advantage of being armed, which the Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation, the existence of subordinate governments, to which the people are attached and by which the militia officers are appointed, forms a barrier against the enterprises of ambition, more insurmountable than any which a simple government of any form can admit of."

James Madison, The Federalist No. 48, February 1, 1788

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Coming To a Theater Near You!

I don't know what's worse, the over-the-edge hyperbole, the purposeful intellectual dishonesty, or the blatant ignorance displayed by people like Senator Richard Blumenthal when they talk about these 3-D Printed guns.  I mean really - could these people possibly know any less about firearms or current firearms laws?  Or is it that their unchecked emotions are keeping them from realizing the simple principles of physics and mechanics upon which firearms operate?

Their chief concern is that people will be able to make these 3-D printed guns without background checks and without the guns being able to be traced.  They are also worried that these guns,  being printed from a plastic material, will be virtually undetectable, and therefore can be smuggled into any airport, onto any flight, into any school, into any ballpark, or into any other venue where weapons might be otherwise detectable with metal detectors.

Before I get into the practicality (or lack thereof) of an all plastic firearm, let me just point out that 1) federal law already allows individuals to manufacture their own firearms for personal use without any special licenses or permits.  2) If the people making them are ineligible to possess firearms and are caught with one, there are already laws in place to deal with that.  3) Firearms with plastic components already exist.  4)  Kits to make un-serialized firearms by individuals, typically referred to as "80% lowers," have been available for years. And 5) CRIMINALS already possess illegal firearms, whether they steal them, obtain them through straw purchases, or manufacture them themselves.

The 3-D Printed Firearms In The News:

About these little 3-D guns in the news right now:  They are what I refer to as "one-shot" wonders.  They are all plastic, basically, don't have any ammunition capacity to speak of other than one or two rounds manually loaded into the gun, and don't last very long anyway.  In fact, in early testing, the plastic material used in these all-plastic 3-D guns wasn't even strong enough to sustain being fired more than a few times before failing.

"Unlike traditional firearms that can fire thousands of rounds in a lifetime, the 3D-printed guns normally last only a few rounds before they fall apart, experts say. They don't have magazines that allow the usual nine or 15 rounds to be carried; instead, they usually hold a bullet or two and then must be manually loaded afterward. And they're not usually very accurate."  


These little guns are a cool concept, and I commend the designer for coming up with this.  As the plastics get better, I'm sure this will evolve into a very practical method for individuals to manufacture firearms components to use in their legal gun builds. This exercise of personal freedom indeed sends a strong message to those who would try to oppress freedom of design, freedom of ingenuity, and freedom to possess arms.  And shame to people like Richard Blumenthal for getting so spun up and frantic over something that is perfectly legal for the law-abiding citizen to take advantage of.  This little gun is just not capable of being used as a tool for some sort of mass shooting attack. And criminals will find a way to do others harm whether these are available or not.  But as usual, all the efforts of these uninformed people seem to forget all that and target the law-abiding citizen.  Their intent is to use yet another current event to spool up hatred of firearms by the general public because they want to ban ALL firearms, period.

The Future Plastic Weapons of War:

Now - let's talk about where the "frightened people" think this is heading.  Richard Blumenthal stands beside a picture of two AR-15 rifles, using them as examples of where these 3-D printed guns will evolve.  He appears to be trying to make the uninformed believe that these guns in his picture are completely made of plastic and seems to believe that even these will be easy to slip past security at various venues, including aircraft checkpoints.  He wants everyone to believe his fairy tale that these 100% plastic firearms (even though they aren't) will be a HUGE threat.

Well, I suppose that would be true IF the ENTIRE firearm in his little picture there, and all of the ammunition, were made of plastic.  AND if the guns themselves were visually and X-ray equipment invisible, the bad people might be able to sneak them past TSA.  But these full-size guns made with plastic components will be neither, so Blumenthal's argument is moot. 

What Richard Blumenthal and others like him fail to realize is that plastic, as well as aluminum "80%" AR-15 lower assemblies and various plastic 80% pistol frames have been available for years.  He is just now jumping on a bandwagon to spool up more public hatred of guns.  Plastic firearms components in general already exist!  But they are mainly used for the basic (stripped) lower assemblies and frames, and certain parts of upper assemblies, but with the other METAL components added to make the firearm functional, practical, and durable.  The firearms in their entirety are not, and will not be, made of plastic. 

The firearms components such as the barrel, bolt, firing pin, and springs, not to mention the ammunition, are all made of steel, brass, aluminum, or other metals.  They have to be in order to sustain the stress and pressures that firearms produce when ammunition is fired through them thousands of times. Fire ammunition through a plastic barrel sometime and see how long it holds up.  Likewise with a plastic bolt and firing pin.  There are not too many plastic springs that I know of that would hold up to the stresses that they endure inside a bolt carrier, inside trigger assemblies, or absorbing recoil over thousands of rounds being fired from the gun.

And let's talk about ammunition for a moment.  Plastic cartridge cases would melt, and I'm pretty sure you can't make a functioning primer out of plastic.  Those better be some hefty plastic bullets if a crazed shooter wants to commit mass murder.

Earth to Idiots:

C'mon, people!  If you're going to spin up public outrage about these things, then please at least use enough intellectual honesty to give people all of the FACTS.  And just when I thought that no one could outdo the ignorance or blind emotion based dishonesty of Kevin "Ghost Gun" DeLeon, Richard Blumenthal comes along and sets a new standard.  The sad thing is that there are many uninformed voters who lack critical thinking skills that will blindly fall for their hype.


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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Gun Storage Legislation: A Slippery Slope

Gun storage legislation is usually one of those "slippery slope" issues.  Responsible gun owners already willingly secure their firearms to keep them out of the hands of unauthorized people.  The problem is that the people who try to legislate these types of things are usually ignorant or apathetic of common defensive firearms practices and have a knee-jerk response to everything, anyway.  The responsible gun owners who already store their firearms properly also take into consideration what they need to do to ensure that they have a "ready" firearm that is quickly accessible for home defense.  The people who legislate something like firearms storage do so because they don't like guns in the first place, and don't seem to care about an individual's rights to self-defense in the second place.  They aren't very knowledgeable about firearms or what it takes to be properly prepared to defend the home.  Most of these people do, after all, have armed bodyguards and security protection, so they don't need to care about us, the common citizens.

The reason that legislation such as this is such a slippery slope is that these same ignorant and apathetic individuals who legislate on our behalf would like to take storage requirements a bit further and legislate things such as requiring that they are stored unloaded and disassembled.  So even if the defensive firearm can be quickly accessed from a biometric safe, it still has to be assembled and loaded with ammunition that is kept in yet another separate storage place.  In Colorado, we have no such law (yet), so we have the concept of what we refer to as the "in use" firearm.  For our purposes, that means a loaded firearm.  If we are carrying it on our person, it is considered to be an "in use" firearm.  If we have it stored as a ready defensive firearm, it is still "in use."  That means that the firearm is stored, and locked up, but still loaded and can be quickly deployed in the event of a home invasion.  But Philadelphia, for example, passed a law stating that firearms must be secured in a locked container, or with a locking device, unloaded, and ammunition must be locked up separately if there are occupants under the age of 18 living there.

Other states and cities have seriously discussed enacting laws to keep all firearms disassembled while stored.  It is not a leap too far to assume that the same people who put knee-jerk laws into place would not take these next steps to make firearms as inaccessible as possible.  Again - they hate firearms, do not care about anyone's protection except their own, and in general, would prefer to have a completely disarmed society.  But from where We The People stand, we have a natural right to self-defense and a U.S. Constitution that says that we have the right to keep and bear arms without that right being infringed.  It is just not reasonable or even lawful to dictate that the only way a citizen can defend their homes with a firearm is to go through all these steps to 1) open a locked container, 2) assemble the firearm, 3) open another locked container to retrieve the ammunition, 4) load the firearm, then 5) stop the attack.  A response to stop an attack requires action within only a few seconds in order to be successful.  Going through all these steps is a blatant violation of individual rights, in my opinion, and should not be tolerated. These people with legislative power seem to think that they know more than we do, and also seem to think that they are more worthy of self-protection than we are.

Again - the vast majority of gun owners are responsible and law-abiding people, and who ALREADY secure their firearms to protect against theft, children getting to them, or any other access by unauthorized persons.  However, we also keep ready firearms to protect our homes against home invasions.  The right to self-defense is a natural right and must not be hindered by people who consider themselves to be elite, and who frequently act as if they, themselves are above the law.

Protect Our Second Amendment Rights:

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Saturday, July 14, 2018

California DOJ Withdraws "Assault Weapon" Registration

As I posted with a Daily Shooter video the other day, the website set up by California DOJ to allow California citizens to register "assault weapons" and "bullet button" rifles was a massive failure.  

A poorly designed government website set up to mandate that people register for something goes down due to too much traffic... gee.... sound familiar?

"The FPC and several other Grun Rights groups are suing the DOJ over the mishandling of the registration process which kept some people attempting to register their rifles from doing so by the July 1 deadline.  Also the DOJ withdraws "Assault Weapon" ban regulations from OAL."

The California DOJ had to pull their requirement for registration due to these massive failures and because of lawsuits pressed by various gun rights organizations.  While this is a win for our side, we must not get complacent, and we must remember that these leftist state and local governments will simply find a new way to infringe on our rights.

Bottom line:  when we see states and local governments trying to implement this unconstitutional gun control crap, we need to keep pressing, and we need these gun rights groups to which we are donating to make a full court press with the lawsuits.  We can win, and we must keep winning.

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Criminals Are Calling YOU a Criminal

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Mandatory "assault weapon" registration.  The government sets up a website and then mandates that you register.  Then when law-abiding citizens try to do whats mandated of them and register, the site crashes and then they can't register.  They wake up the next day as criminals.

Soldiers are serving our country overseas.  Their guns are at home with their spouse and family.  They try to register, but the site is down.  It is crashing because too many people are trying to register.  They can't access the website.  Their family does not know what to do.  They then come home from deployment and are now criminals.

Mandatory registration on a government website that crashes on when many people access it.  Sound familiar?  Well, that's a tale we are all too familiar with.  I'll complain about that another time.

This is happening in California.  But is soon coming to your state.  I agree with what The Daily Shooter mentions in the video below:  Registration is a bad idea.  I certainly won't be registering if this kind of law comes to my state.  I will use whatever loophole I can find to be legal in other ways.  This is the law in California and I expect similar laws in my state of Colorado.  These laws will spread to other states, if the gun grabbers have their way, and I fully expect that the anti-gun groups will be pressing hard to pass these laws everywhere. 

Now what makes this whole thing worse is that this same government website was set up with (in my opinion) criminally negligent practices and structure.  The data breach, unauthorized access to other people's registration information, and an unavailable website are all yet another example of feckless processes by a government who hates gun owners.

So what can WE do?!  For one thing, get out there and support your local and national gun rights groups.  Talk to your neighbors, family, and friends, and get them out to vote!  Blog, send emails, get active on social media, and write articles for your local newspapers.  Attend pro-gun rallies. Spread the truth by any means necessary.  If we can't turn this around BEFORE bad politicians become elected, then these horrible laws will be rammed down our throats and we will ourselves one day wake up to find that we are criminals.

The lunatics are running the asylum.  The criminals are holding the keys to the prison.  They pontificate about guns, lie about statistics, spool up an ignorant public, and then pass laws born of a complete lack of knowledge about firearms.  They make criminals of their citizens.  Pathetic!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Unconstitutional "Red Flag" Laws

This is why these "Red Flag" laws must be opposed at every turn: 

 "Resident snowflakes of the knee-jerk town complained that the man openly carrying made them feel uncomfortable and unsafe. I looked for and could not find anything in the open carry statutes that mentions a prohibition of making other people feel uncomfortable and unsafe." 

 It's what I've been saying all along: Some poor snowflake gets a wild hair up their ass and reports you for something just because they feel like it. 

 They see you driving down the street with NRA stickers on your car? Well, they just follow you home, find out where you live, and then fabricate some story about road rage or something. Boom! You are disarmed. 

 Your neighbor doesn't like your dog barking? Boom! Fabricate a story about you using your dog to threaten them. You are disarmed.

The way these people lie and cry about everything, they can disarm a whole nation by making stuff up when these stupid and thoughtless unconstitutional laws are in place.

Read the full article here:

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The Second Amendment is second in importance only to the First!!!  Indeed, it's the Second Amendment that allows the general population to defend all the rest of them from any attempt at tyranny.

"While the people have property, arms in their hands, and only a spark of noble spirit, the most corrupt Congress must be mad to form any project of tyranny."

Rev. Nicholas Collin, Fayetteville Gazette (N.C.), October 12, 1789

The following is a quote from James Madison sixteen (16) months before he introduced the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1789.

"Besides the advantage of being armed, which the Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation, the existence of subordinate governments, to which the people are attached and by which the militia officers are appointed, forms a barrier against the enterprises of ambition, more insurmountable than any which a simple government of any form can admit of."

James Madison, The Federalist No. 48, February 1, 1788

Monday, May 07, 2018

"Weapons of War" - REALLY?!

To the legions of mindless liberal lawmakers and other progressive minions who keep pontificating to us about these so-called "weapons of war" that should not be on our streets, here's the deal: The Second Amendment is NOT about hunting, and the issue of whether or not AR-15s should be in the hands of law-abiding citizens is not yours to dictate until you are successful at changing the U.S. Constitution (but you can give 'er the ole' college try...).  The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled the Second Amendment to be an individual right, and the Second Amendment itself is pretty clear: "...shall not be infringed."

Sure seems to me that we have the right to self-defense, period!  And it's not up to you to tell us what we can and cannot use for that purpose.  Like Dom says in the video below, the AR-15 is an easy weapon to use.  Well, easy for most of us, anyway  And I personally prefer to have a weapon that I can put in the hands of any friend or family member and have them vanquishing our attackers quickly.

But if we're going to debate reasons for why we need a weapon such as the AR-15, the reason we need these so-called "weapons of war" is because YOU put us at war.

YOU put us at war with the thousands of MS-13 and other gang members that you let across our border and release from our prisons every single day.
YOU put us at war with ISIS and other terrorists by your constant appeasement and putting their well being over the well being of our citizens.

YOU put us at war with a criminal element that YOU refuse to prosecute and take off of our streets.

YOU put us at war by enabling and inciting your ANTIFA goons to show up at our peaceful rallies and speaker venues to cause mayhem, destroy property, and attack our attendees.

YOU put us at war with an insane philosophy of making new gun laws, but yet you refuse to enforce the laws you already have on the books.

And YOU put us at war with YOU! By your constant meddling in our business and over-stepping your bounds, and your practice of constantly protecting criminals and referring to We The People as the enemy.

So here's a little snippet about the weapon you hate so much. I hope your head explodes watching this.

You can save on a regular annual membership by joining for multiple years.  A one-year membership just $30.00.  JOIN TODAY.

The following is a quote from James Madison sixteen (16) months before he introduced the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1789.

"Besides the advantage of being armed, which the Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation, the existence of subordinate governments, to which the people are attached and by which the militia officers are appointed, forms a barrier against the enterprises of ambition, more insurmountable than any which a simple government of any form can admit of."

James Madison, The Federalist No. 48, February 1, 1788

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Push Through, No Matter What!

I wrote a one-liner on one of my social media timelines yesterday, and it occurs to me that I should probably explain myself.  First of all, this is the type of post that I don’t enjoy writing.  I am usually a very private person and don’t like putting myself out there, as it were. I know that some of my friends in social media land, however, are dealing with their own struggles, many of which far surpass anything that I am currently dealing with.  I just wanted to tell you my story, though, so that those of you who are struggling can know that there is hope and that you’re not alone.

My post simply said “Push through, no matter what!” and was meant to convey my need to make myself do something that I was too tired to do, but reflects what I feel about many daily activities these days.

Last week, I was given some potentially bad news as a result of some annual lab tests.  The doctor wants to do more tests, but the numbers so far indicate that I am in Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).  Stage 5 is renal failure.  I have many of the typical Stage 3 symptoms such as pain, fatigue,  loss of appetite, and some nausea.  I’ve had those for a while – they were masked by other things as well as my own ignorance, it’s just that now I have an explanation.  So basically, I suddenly went from planning for retirement to planning for how much longer I can prolong what kidney function I do have and planning for the possible eventuality of needing dialysis and/or a kidney transplant.

Put the tear-ducts on simmer!  This isn’t immediately life threatening yet.  The Stage 5 kids on dialysis are the superheroes.  My friend who is a cancer patient is my superhero.  They are fighting a much more serious and immediate battle than I am.  In fact, there are many others much worse off than I am, and I hope I can muster the bravery that they show every day when I get to the stage where this is life-threatening.  

I’m not worried about this.  These latest events have, however, caused me to pray more and get into God’s word more.  He has put my mind at ease, which tells me that it is my job and obligation to fight this disease, and I know that I won’t be fighting it alone.  I find a great deal of comfort in that.  This disease is not curable, and kidney damage cannot be reversed.  It can be slowed down, but eventually, it will get worse and my kidneys will stop doing their job altogether.  

In light of all that, I believe in a God who has a plan for me, so it is my job to do His will and carry on.  It is also my job to be a good patient and make the jobs of my health-care providers as easy as possible so that they can help me.  I see my role here as being an example for those around me of what God’s mercy can do, and be the type of patient whom my health-care providers do not dread seeing.  Being a faithful warrior and a good sailor, in other words.

So back to the point about pushing through no matter what:  At Stage 3 CKD, fatigue, pain, and sometimes nausea are a significant part of my day.  This is on top of the chronic pain that has been a big part of my life for years and years.  What does this all mean for me to “push through” while I am fighting this disease, on top of the chronic pain issues that are already a part of my life?  This has just drastically increased my need to force myself to do things is all.

  • When I feel like calling in sick, I remember that I am responsible for my team, so I go to work anyway.
  • When I’m too tired to go to the gym, I remember that building my strength to fight this is important, so I go anyway, stay on the bike for 5 or 10 more minutes than usual, and add 5 or 10 more pounds to the weight machine than usual, maybe do one more set.
  • When I don’t feel like teaching a class, I remember my obligation to other people and then go teach it anyway.

  • When I am too tired to go to Bible Study, I remember that I am as much a part of their life group as they are of mine, and I go anyway.

  • Too tired to play with the dogs?  I remember that they rely on their hoomans, and don’t ask for anything from us other than love and attention.  So I play with them and take them for a walk anyway.  I also have to remember that they give me way more comfort than I can imagine right now.

  • At Stage 3, I am still allowed to donate blood.  It takes longer to recover (now I know why) and the fatigue is significant, but giving blood saves lives and actually cleans some things out of my system. So I will continue to do so every 56 days until told otherwise by the doctors.

  • It means giving up certain foods that I really enjoy and changing my diet so that I can prolong my kidney function as long as possible.

  • It means that when I am a real grouch because of the pain and fatigue and the people in my life ask me how I’m doing or ask me for something that they need, I smile and say “doing well, thanks,” ask them what I can do to help them, then do it cheerfully.

At the end of the day, I feel fortunate to be able to do those things, and am better off for it when I do.  I guess I am preparing for the day that I may have to present myself as the most strong, healthy, and viable candidate possible for a transplant or at least one of the more desirable methods of dialysis possible.  Being someone who will be grateful for and a good steward of the things that will prolong my life is important to me.  

I’m not telling you all this because I need to start my own pity party.  On the contrary.  I wanted to tell you of the joy that there is in trusting the Lord and having hope.  I am telling you this because I want you to know that getting news like this does not have to put one in a state of depression or worry.  For one thing, at least in my case, it explains a bunch of unknown symptoms I was having for a while, and now I know what is causing them.  Knowing the enemy allows you to fight a more educated and surgically executed battle. 

I believe in an almighty God who allows these storms in our lives but then comes alongside us to guide us through them and show us just how powerful His love and mercy really are.  I joined a great support group, and am getting a treasure trove of very useful information on how to adjust my life so that I can deal with this.  I have my church Life Group to lean on for help.  One of our members is a cancer patient, so I see my problems as paling in comparison to his, but now I have more empathy so that we can lean on each other and fight these battles together.  I have family members who care.  I see all of these things, including the disease itself, as additions and blessings to enrich my life experiences.

This whole thing seems to be taking away the cavalier attitude I had about a lot of things and causes me to cherish my daily activities a lot more.  It means that I can’t look at other people the same way anymore and that I have to stop being such a jerk to those around me.  I need to show more patience and kindness to others.  Many people are way worse off than I am, so I need to be more mindful of that.  

God has this way of knocking us upside the head by giving us things like this and bringing us back to what is important.  He has certainly done that to me, and I am so thankful that He has and I praise His name for waking me up.  And if/when the disease finally wins, it will have won over my earthly body, but God will have my soul.  I believe there is a Heaven, and I believe that it is more wonderful than my human mind can imagine.

In writing this, I just wanted you all to have hope that no matter what you’re going through, you don’t have to go through it alone.

As for you, kidney disease, I have only one thing to say to you:  Contact Front!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Do You See Where This Is Going?!

It's bad enough that we have people who know nothing about firearms, how they work, or what they are used for but are still lecturing us about them. Their "logic" (or total lack thereof) when discussing what kinds of firearms should be in the hands of regular citizens just escapes me.  But what's really terrible are the purposeful lies that are told about these inanimate objects, as well as the lies that are continuously told by the left and their mouthpiece, the media.

"Guns are killing machines. They are meant to kill as many people as quickly as possible. They are weapons of war!"

Really? Well, I guess if we are talking about citizens having firearms for the purposes expressed by the founders, then my response to that is:

"Well... Yeah! That's kind of the point, right?! That we protect ourselves with an implement that is as proficient at doing so as the implements that our opponents would use against us."

Actually - guns were built for one purpose, and one purpose ONLY: To use mechanics to ignite the powder charge in an ammunition cartridge that fires a bullet. Where that bullet goes is a matter of the heart and intent of the operator.

But the liberal/progressives and their gun grabbing mentality don't see it that way. The liberal/progressive civilians are afraid of guns and want them banned because they are scary, hurt their feelings, and any number of other naive reasons. The liberal/progressive politicians want to ban guns, they say, to protect the frightened sheep, and give them a sense that their politicians are "doing something."

But really and truly, they want to ban guns because they are afraid of guns simply because guns give the intelligent and freedom loving citizen a means by which to protect themselves, from said politicians.

So the progression of gun bans will follow:

"AR-15s are weapons of war. They can shoot 5,000 bullets per second from 30 caliber clips. They are the same weapons used by police and soldiers. They are meant to kill large numbers of people quickly. They should not be on our streets. They must be banned."

"All semi-automatic weapons only exist to kill as many people as possible as quickly as possible. They are weapons of war. They should not be on our streets. They must be banned."

"Revolvers are the same kinds of guns used by some police departments. Therefore, they are only meant for police use. They should not be on our streets. They must be banned."

"Bolt action rifles are the same ones used by military and police snipers. They only exist for killing people from 5 miles away. They are weapons of war. They should not be on our streets. They must be banned."

"Shotguns are the same weapons used by riot police. Therefore, they are only meant for police use. They should not be on our streets. They must be banned."

Do you see where this is going? Ban one, then the next kind becomes the evil "weapon of war" on the street. Then ban the next, and the next, until all guns are banned.  What will you protect yourselves with then?  Rocks?  Then they'll ban those.

Dear BB Brain Politicians: Our Second Amendment was written EXACTLY because citizens need the same types of weapons used by the police and military to protect ourselves from YOU. So back off!

Dear Absentee Citizens: Get off your asses and get active and support candidates who support liberty. If you don't, don't gripe to me about your guns being taken away.  And don't gripe to me when your freedom disappears.  I won't be there to help you.