Sunday, February 25, 2018

Don't Lecture Me About Gun Control!

 Join the NRA!
I am tired of being lectured to by people with no moral compass, and who protest against violence while committing violence against others. I am tired of people who are oblivious to reality but try to presume to create my reality.  I am tired of people who refuse to do the right thing themselves lecturing me about what I can and cannot use to do what I think is the right thing to protect my family, friends, and community.  And I am tired of ignorant people blaming law-abiding and decent people for all of their troubles.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

We Need to Ban – EVERYTHING!

And once again… The battle cry to ban certain types of guns and besmirch the NRA fills the airwaves and dominates news headlines.  NRA members are once again accused of being some kind of blood-thirsty savages who go around killing everyone in sight just for fun.  But of all of the other scourges infecting our society such as drunk driving, obesity, medical malpractice, and careless driving, we never once hear people crying to ban the object that is used to perpetrate these horrible things.  Nor do we ever hear of people complaining about or accusing entire groups of people or the organizations that support alcohol manufacturing, food safety, medical associations, cell phone manufacturers or car manufacturing unions.   In those cases, we always go after the SPECIFIC INDIVIDUALS who commit these types of heinous acts, as it should be.
But when a shooting occurs, the media, politicians, and uninformed, gullible people who know nothing about firearms in the first place go after the NRA, NRA members, firearms manufacturers, and the guns themselves.

OK – so to be fair, then:

“We need to ban cars!  Cars are driven by drunk drivers and are used to kill people way too many times.”

“We need to ban knives, forks, and spoons!  Obesity is killing too many people, and these tools are allowing too many people to eat too much, get fat, contract diabetes, and die.”

“Too many kids are getting into accidents and killing people texting while driving, therefore, we need to ban all cell phones and sue Apple.”

“Medical malpractice and botched surgeries are taking way too many lives.  All doctors and nurses should be sent to prison.”

“Those big, black, Dodge Challengers and Chevy Corvettes are way too fast and scary looking.  No one needs a 500 horse-power car or a car with racing stripes.  We need to ban them!  Death to Dodge and Chevrolet workers, now!”

All of those statements above sound pretty silly, don’t they?  Those statements make exaggerated and generalized accusations and call for completely irrational actions against an entire industry or group of people, the vast majority of whom don’t even commit these horrible actions.  So why is it, then, that people accept it as normal to cry and advocate to ban a certain type of rifle because of the way it looks or how it is misused?  Why do we allow law-suits against firearms manufacturers to go forward?  Why is it acceptable to go after the NRA for crimes that none of their members committed?

More ridiculous statements (myths) and my answers:

STATEMENT: “No one needs these weapons of war!”

ANSWER: First of all, the Second Amendment is not part of the Bill of Needs, it is part of the Bill of RIGHTS.  And furthermore, individual ownership of the same weapons possessed by a tyrannical government or police entity is EXACTLY why the Second Amendment was written.

STATEMENT: “No one needs 30 bullets to go hunting.”

ANSWER: True.  Any hunter worth his/her weight only needs one per animal. But the Second Amendment wasn’t written to protect us in case the deer decide to attack us.

STATEMENT: “The Second Amendment only applies to muskets.”

ANSWER: OK, then. The First Amendment only applies to the writing instruments available at the time it was written.  Write me a letter stating your opinion about the Second Amendment on parchment using a quill pen, and have it delivered to my house via pony express.  I will then be glad to debate you and tell you why you are wrong.

STATEMENT: “The NRA is responsible for this!  The NRA has blood on its hands.  The NRA is a powerful gun lobby that buys off politicians.  And NRA members are the advocates of these horrible deeds simply by owning these weapons.”

ANSWER: The NRA is the largest advocate of gun safety on the planet.  The NRA has spent huge amounts of money and staff hours developing gun safety and education programs.  The NRA has spent far less money in a 20 year period supporting political campaigns than union organizations such as SEIU have spent on (mainly Democrat) campaigns in a single year.  And finally, the NRA is made up of over 5 million regular CITIZENS who simply want their Second Amendment and self-defense RIGHTS protected.

At the end of the day, this isn’t merely a matter of frightened people who are scared by these “weapons of war” or being attacked in their schools crying out for help and honest action.  It’s a political agenda, plain and simple.  One that is being advanced on the backs and blood of the victims of these horrible incidents.  I would even go so far as to say that all of the hyperbole and feigned outrage about guns is done by the very people who detest personal property ownership and individual liberty.  Banning guns is even a tenet right out of Saul Alynski’s “Rules For Radicals” and the communist group ANTIFA’s instruction manual. 

It’s hard to fight a radical agenda that is being forced on you when you’ve been disarmed.  Gun ownership of ANY types of guns does not align with the desired goals of these people.  But they start small.  Banning firearms accessories, then banning certain types of guns, then banning more types of guns, then banning ALL guns.  Attacking groups, attacking people who don’t think as they do, and then committing violence against the people who won’t comply with their agenda are all part and parcel of the program.  That’s how it’s done.

Stay aware.  Stay armed.

Friday, February 16, 2018

When You See Something, Say Something! (But Don’t Expect Any Action)

Another school shooting and the usual suspects didn’t waste any time whatsoever getting the public and the media spun up by pontificating about how more gun control would have prevented this.  It’s the guns.  It’s the gun lobby.  It’s the NRA.  It’s Christians.  President Trump did it by reducing taxes.  According to Chelsea Handler, it’s Republicans. It’s conservative ideology.  Everyone else who the liberal left does not agree with is at fault except for the individual who did this.  More emotionally charged rants from politicians and the elite who are no more qualified to talk about guns, gun crime, gun functionality, and proper gun usage than they are to talk about the proper use of kindergarten scissors. “But we gotta do SOMETHING!”  Remember that?  More “common sense” gun control.  Remember that?

And then there is the mantra that when we see something, we should say something.  This is a great idea.  When we see the suspicious or unusual behavior, we should indeed say something and try to prevent this type of thing from occurring. 

So when can we actually start?  When will we be able to do it in such a way that it will be acted upon? When someone does say something, what happens next?  This guy’s social media pages were full of unusual and disturbing posts.  His behavior in that school led to him being expelled.  But what other action was taken? In several recent cases, the indicators of this type of behavior were there, someone did say something, but no action was taken.  In a recent Walmart shooting in Colorado, for example, Wyoming law enforcement had notified Colorado law enforcement about the individual, but it was ignored.  ANTIFA is in the news constantly, and they don’t even hide their propensity for violence.  When do they get acted upon?

According to one Fox News article, Mississippi Bail Bondsman Ben Bennight reported a comment that the killer made on his (Bennight’s) YouTube channel stating that he (the killer) was going to become “a professional school shooter.”  This was reported to the FBI.  What did the FBI do next?  They contacted Bennight and took down some information from him.  But beyond that, nothing, evidently.  There is no mention of the killer being flagged or further investigated.  According to this article, the cops were sent to this guy’s house 36 times, and all these warning signs were MISSED?

On his morning radio show on February 15, 2018, Northern Colorado 600 KCOL’s Jimmy Lakey hit the nail on the head.  The PC culture created by the left has made it nearly impossible to say something and have it taken seriously.  We are told not to judge others.  We are told to be more accepting and understanding of whatever problems they may be having.  We are told not to say anything about others that might offend or cause them to feel singled out.  We are to be more loving and inclusive.  The problem is that when we do say something unless it is to report conservatives and gun owners, we are immediately shut down by PC liberals who are afraid of stepping on someone’s (translation: other liberals’) sensitivities.

On Laura Ingraham’s TV show on February 14, 2018, her guest, Israeli- American former IDF member and anti-terrorism expert Aaron Cohen indicated that this is a security and risk problem, not a gun problem.  I couldn’t agree more.  We need to harden the target.  Thorough and complete risk assessments on each and every school, locked doors, having well developed and thoroughly tested processes and procedures in place, and having other strong defensive measures in place will go a long way towards protecting our children.  Emotionally charged rhetoric and harsh, accusatory language against Conservatives, Christians, and NRA Members, however, is not right or useful.

The liberal left, on the other hand, thinks that the solution is taking away guns from people who don’t commit these atrocities.  Easy for them to say.  The liberal elite politicians and millionaires are all surrounded by people with guns to protect them.  Sean Hannity, Sheriff David Clarke, and others have advocated putting armed retired military and law enforcement in the schools for years now, and even arming teachers to be there to take action the minute these incidents happen.  But the frightened liberals will have none of that.  What is good for the elite does not seem to be good enough for the children of us common folk.  And regular, decent and law-abiding conservative Christian people in general who have guns are a threat to the elite and their ability to keep power.  Haven’t seen much in the news about them going after ANTIFA’s weapons and radical behavior.  Have you?

At the end of the day, the left couldn’t care less about the victims.  They just want more gun control and will do anything to get it, including spooling up public hatred of inanimate objects, NRA members, conservatives, and any other members of the public who do not think as they do.  If they did actually care about human life, then they would stop murdering innocent babies with reckless zeal.  And I don’t at all tolerate them telling us to say something when we see something and then daring to lecture us on gun control.  When we do just that, the system does absolutely NOTHING about it.  Their system and propensity for making more useless laws is the problem, not the guns or law-abiding gun owners.

Thoughts and prayers for the victims and their families.