Saturday, July 14, 2018

California DOJ Withdraws "Assault Weapon" Registration

As I posted with a Daily Shooter video the other day, the website set up by California DOJ to allow California citizens to register "assault weapons" and "bullet button" rifles was a massive failure.  

A poorly designed government website set up to mandate that people register for something goes down due to too much traffic... gee.... sound familiar?

"The FPC and several other Grun Rights groups are suing the DOJ over the mishandling of the registration process which kept some people attempting to register their rifles from doing so by the July 1 deadline.  Also the DOJ withdraws "Assault Weapon" ban regulations from OAL."

The California DOJ had to pull their requirement for registration due to these massive failures and because of lawsuits pressed by various gun rights organizations.  While this is a win for our side, we must not get complacent, and we must remember that these leftist state and local governments will simply find a new way to infringe on our rights.

Bottom line:  when we see states and local governments trying to implement this unconstitutional gun control crap, we need to keep pressing, and we need these gun rights groups to which we are donating to make a full court press with the lawsuits.  We can win, and we must keep winning.

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