Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Gun Storage Legislation: A Slippery Slope

Gun storage legislation is usually one of those "slippery slope" issues.  Responsible gun owners already willingly secure their firearms to keep them out of the hands of unauthorized people.  The problem is that the people who try to legislate these types of things are usually ignorant or apathetic of common defensive firearms practices and have a knee-jerk response to everything, anyway.  The responsible gun owners who already store their firearms properly also take into consideration what they need to do to ensure that they have a "ready" firearm that is quickly accessible for home defense.  The people who legislate something like firearms storage do so because they don't like guns in the first place, and don't seem to care about an individual's rights to self-defense in the second place.  They aren't very knowledgeable about firearms or what it takes to be properly prepared to defend the home.  Most of these people do, after all, have armed bodyguards and security protection, so they don't need to care about us, the common citizens.

The reason that legislation such as this is such a slippery slope is that these same ignorant and apathetic individuals who legislate on our behalf would like to take storage requirements a bit further and legislate things such as requiring that they are stored unloaded and disassembled.  So even if the defensive firearm can be quickly accessed from a biometric safe, it still has to be assembled and loaded with ammunition that is kept in yet another separate storage place.  In Colorado, we have no such law (yet), so we have the concept of what we refer to as the "in use" firearm.  For our purposes, that means a loaded firearm.  If we are carrying it on our person, it is considered to be an "in use" firearm.  If we have it stored as a ready defensive firearm, it is still "in use."  That means that the firearm is stored, and locked up, but still loaded and can be quickly deployed in the event of a home invasion.  But Philadelphia, for example, passed a law stating that firearms must be secured in a locked container, or with a locking device, unloaded, and ammunition must be locked up separately if there are occupants under the age of 18 living there.

Other states and cities have seriously discussed enacting laws to keep all firearms disassembled while stored.  It is not a leap too far to assume that the same people who put knee-jerk laws into place would not take these next steps to make firearms as inaccessible as possible.  Again - they hate firearms, do not care about anyone's protection except their own, and in general, would prefer to have a completely disarmed society.  But from where We The People stand, we have a natural right to self-defense and a U.S. Constitution that says that we have the right to keep and bear arms without that right being infringed.  It is just not reasonable or even lawful to dictate that the only way a citizen can defend their homes with a firearm is to go through all these steps to 1) open a locked container, 2) assemble the firearm, 3) open another locked container to retrieve the ammunition, 4) load the firearm, then 5) stop the attack.  A response to stop an attack requires action within only a few seconds in order to be successful.  Going through all these steps is a blatant violation of individual rights, in my opinion, and should not be tolerated. These people with legislative power seem to think that they know more than we do, and also seem to think that they are more worthy of self-protection than we are.

Again - the vast majority of gun owners are responsible and law-abiding people, and who ALREADY secure their firearms to protect against theft, children getting to them, or any other access by unauthorized persons.  However, we also keep ready firearms to protect our homes against home invasions.  The right to self-defense is a natural right and must not be hindered by people who consider themselves to be elite, and who frequently act as if they, themselves are above the law.

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