Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Criminals Are Calling YOU a Criminal

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Mandatory "assault weapon" registration.  The government sets up a website and then mandates that you register.  Then when law-abiding citizens try to do whats mandated of them and register, the site crashes and then they can't register.  They wake up the next day as criminals.

Soldiers are serving our country overseas.  Their guns are at home with their spouse and family.  They try to register, but the site is down.  It is crashing because too many people are trying to register.  They can't access the website.  Their family does not know what to do.  They then come home from deployment and are now criminals.

Mandatory registration on a government website that crashes on when many people access it.  Sound familiar?  Well, that's a tale we are all too familiar with.  I'll complain about that another time.

This is happening in California.  But is soon coming to your state.  I agree with what The Daily Shooter mentions in the video below:  Registration is a bad idea.  I certainly won't be registering if this kind of law comes to my state.  I will use whatever loophole I can find to be legal in other ways.  This is the law in California and I expect similar laws in my state of Colorado.  These laws will spread to other states, if the gun grabbers have their way, and I fully expect that the anti-gun groups will be pressing hard to pass these laws everywhere. 

Now what makes this whole thing worse is that this same government website was set up with (in my opinion) criminally negligent practices and structure.  The data breach, unauthorized access to other people's registration information, and an unavailable website are all yet another example of feckless processes by a government who hates gun owners.

So what can WE do?!  For one thing, get out there and support your local and national gun rights groups.  Talk to your neighbors, family, and friends, and get them out to vote!  Blog, send emails, get active on social media, and write articles for your local newspapers.  Attend pro-gun rallies. Spread the truth by any means necessary.  If we can't turn this around BEFORE bad politicians become elected, then these horrible laws will be rammed down our throats and we will ourselves one day wake up to find that we are criminals.

The lunatics are running the asylum.  The criminals are holding the keys to the prison.  They pontificate about guns, lie about statistics, spool up an ignorant public, and then pass laws born of a complete lack of knowledge about firearms.  They make criminals of their citizens.  Pathetic!

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